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应运而生[yìng yùn ér shēng, ˋ ㄩㄣˋ ㄦˊ ㄕㄥ, / ] to come into being at the opportune historic moment [Add to Longdo]

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Electricity resulted in the invention of elevators, which in turn permitted the invention of skyscrapers.[CN] 电力导致电梯发明 摩天大楼也应运而生 Home (2009)
The author of this particular and preposterous legislation... happens to be both politically ambitious and a glutton for publicity... which this new law... funny thing...[CN] 这条特别的荒唐的法令的作者 碰巧有政治野心又贪图宣传效果 有趣的是 这条新的法律就应运而生 'Til We Meat Again (2005)
2000 years ago during the Warring States Period[CN] 距今两千多年前,诸侯割据 战争四起,兵法大师也应运而生 The Warring States (2011)
So they gave birth to the 'Terrorist'.[CN] 『恐怖分子』一词应运而生 Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008)
The Jaeger program was born.[CN] 机甲猎人计划应运而生... Pacific Rim (2013)
Cloning technology turned that around.[CN] 克隆技术应运而生 The 6th Day (2000)
The word 'black hole', which John Miller coined, suddenly caught on.[CN] "黑洞" 这个约翰·惠勒灵光一闪想到的词 应运而生 A Brief History of Time (1991)
There's now a sort of air and sea bridge with mainland South America[CN] 通往南美大陆的 空中和海上桥梁应运而生 Forces of Change (2006)
Experts see Chile at the verge of a civil war.[CN] 专家预测一场内战 已然在智利应运而生 Experts see Chile at the verge of a civil war. Colonia (2015)
So it's all wonderful coming together, but it was not planned.[CN] 讨论外星人是否存在 所以这一切都应运而生 不过这都不是预料之中的 Chariots, Gods and Beyond (2009)

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