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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[巴, bā, ㄅㄚ] to desire, to wish for
Radical: Decomposition: 巳 (sì ㄙˋ) 
Etymology: []

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[ともえ, tomoe] (n) huge comma design; (P) [Add to Longdo]
[ともえがも;トモエガモ, tomoegamo ; tomoegamo] (n) (uk) Baikal teal (species of dabbling duck, Anas formosa) [Add to Longdo]
[ともえがわら, tomoegawara] (n) comma-pattern tile [Add to Longdo]
[はじん, hajin] (n) uneducated bumpkin; resident of ancient Sichuan [Add to Longdo]
[ともえせん, tomoesen] (n) (1) dogfight; (2) sumo play-off with 3 wrestlers participating [Add to Longdo]
[ばたん;バタン, batan ; batan] (n) cockatoo [Add to Longdo]
旦杏[はたんきょう, hatankyou] (n) plum; almond [Add to Longdo]
投げ[ともえなげ, tomoenage] (n) overhead throw in judo [Add to Longdo]
[はず;ハズ, hazu ; hazu] (n) (uk) purging croton (Croton tiglium) [Add to Longdo]
奈馬[ぱなま;パナマ(P), panama ; panama (P)] (n) (uk) Panama; (P) [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[bā, ㄅㄚ, ] (suff. for certain nouns); to hope; to wish; abbr. for Palestine, Palestinian; abbr. for Pakistan; bar (unit of pressure); surname Ba [Add to Longdo]
不得[bā bù dé, ㄅㄚ ㄅㄨˋ ㄉㄜˊ, ] anxious; look forward to; earnestly wish for [Add to Longdo]
[Bā zhōng, ㄅㄚ ㄓㄨㄥ, ] Bazhong prefecture level city in Sichuan [Add to Longdo]
中地区[Bā zhōng dì qū, ㄅㄚ ㄓㄨㄥ ㄉㄧˋ ㄑㄩ, / ] (N) Bazhong district (district in Sichuan) [Add to Longdo]
中市[Bā zhōng shì, ㄅㄚ ㄓㄨㄥ ㄕˋ, ] Bazhong prefecture level city in Sichuan [Add to Longdo]
伐利亚[Bā fá lì yà, ㄅㄚ ㄈㄚˊ ㄌㄧˋ ㄧㄚˋ, / ] Bavaria [Add to Longdo]
伦支海[Bā lún zhī Hǎi, ㄅㄚ ㄌㄨㄣˊ ㄓ ㄏㄞˇ, / ] Barents Sea [Add to Longdo]
伦西亚[Bā lún xī yà, ㄅㄚ ㄌㄨㄣˊ ㄒㄧ ㄧㄚˋ, 西 / 西] Valencia, Spain [Add to Longdo]
克夏猪[bā kè xià zhū, ㄅㄚ ㄎㄜˋ ㄒㄧㄚˋ ㄓㄨ, / ] Berkshire (swine) [Add to Longdo]
克科思[Bā kè kē sī, ㄅㄚ ㄎㄜˋ ㄎㄜ ㄙ, ] Bacchus, Roman God of wine [Add to Longdo]

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