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巨石阵[jù shí zhèn, ㄐㄩˋ ㄕˊ ㄓㄣˋ, / ] giant stone arrangement; Stonehenge [Add to Longdo]

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Where if you look at Stonehenge from a bird's eye view,[CN] 你要是鸟瞰巨石阵的话 Chariots, Gods and Beyond (2009)
Stonehenge is essentially an ancient astronomical observatory.[CN] 巨石阵实际上就是一个古天文台 The Mission (2010)
You know, 1,000 years from now people will come here like this was the Irish Stonehenge, and they'll be thinking "how did they get the rocks up there?" huh?[CN] 1000年后,游客会来观间这 "爱尔兰的巨石阵" 他们会问 前人如何将石头搬上去? Futureshock: Comet (2007)
- Let's look at Stonehenge.[CN] - 先说说巨石阵 He's Just Not That Into You (2009)
How could prehistoric man moved the inmense boulders at Stonehenge?[CN] 史前的人类又是怎样移动 巨石阵的那些巨大的石头的呢? Chariots, Gods and Beyond (2009)
In recent years, Stonehenge has also been interpreted by some archaeologists to be a kind of astronomical calendar, one which could be used to calculate advance, such as solar eclipses.[CN] 近年来 一些考古学家将巨石阵解释成为 某种意义上的天文历法 可以进行天文计算 譬如算出日蚀的时间等 Chariots, Gods and Beyond (2009)
But, if we go on the other side of the planet, to Stonehenge, we have another ancient site which is way older by the way than Teotihuacan.[CN] 但是 在另一个半球 看到另一个世界奇观 巨石阵 甚至比特奥蒂瓦坎还要古老很多 Chariots, Gods and Beyond (2009)
I heard you're going to Stonehenge with Mick Jagger .[CN] 我听说你要巨石阵 与米克Jagid The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000)
Owing to our rather prolonged stay at Stonehenge,[CN] 因为我们在巨石阵待得有点久 Carry On Camping (1969)
No, listen, Stonehenge... No, listen, everybody, right.[CN] 听着,巨石阵,听着,所有人 Cash (1984)
The oldest is a collection of a thousand hymns called the Rig Veda, which start around 1500 BC, a time when Stonehenge was still in use.[CN] 其中最古老的梨俱吠陀经包含上千首赞美诗 它始於公元前1500年 那时巨石阵仍在使用 Beginnings (2007)
Please, sir, at Stonehenge, I heard an American gentleman say that all those stones were to do with fertility rites.[CN] 请问先生 在巨石阵 我听一个美国先生说 那些石头是用来做 生殖仪式的 Carry On Camping (1969)

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