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I don't know what any of it means![CN] 完全不明白 Battle Royale (2000)
- I'm on duty. I don't understand.[CN] 我完全不明白,实在令我费解 The Best of Youth (2003)
- I don't understand, my God![CN] 完全不明白 Oh, Woe Is Me (1993)
No, no, no, no, no. You have no idea.[CN] 不,你完全不明白 Creep (2004)
You say you were in Chechnya, and they start scratching their chins[CN] 他們完全不明白 他們都說: 這裏用的是新科技 War (2002)
I don't understand what you are saying completely[CN] 我完全不明白您在说什么 Ruby & Quentin (2003)
An actor stared at him blankly, not being able to understand what he was talking about and how to act.[CN] - 比如说感受树叶的摇曳 有个演员茫然地盯着他, 完全不明白他所说的话和表演方式 The Sacrifice (1986)
I don't understand this at all.[CN] 我完全不明白这是什么 Gips (2000)
Don't you realize the love she has for you?[CN] 你完全不明白她的苦心吗 A Mother Should Be Loved (1934)
I don't see where I figure in this anymore.[CN] 我完全不明白 High Society (1956)
How long ...[CN] 完全不明白... ... 这里究竟怎么了 Mutant Aliens (2001)
- I have no clue![CN] - 我完全不明白 The Last Kiss (2001)

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