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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
孤僻[gū pì, ㄍㄨ ㄆㄧˋ, ] unsociable and eccentric [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
She committed suicide out of despair.[CN] 因为性格孤僻 所以抑郁跳楼 Hung bou joi sin (2014)
Why would he be isolated?[CN] 你怎么知道他孤僻 {\3cH202020}Why would he be isolated? The Empty Hearse (2014)
Isolated, not many friends.[CN] 孤僻 没多少朋友 Boxed In (2014)
He doesn't necessarily have to be isolated.[CN] Maybe he just doesn't mind being different. 未必就是孤僻 {\3cH202020}He doesn't necessarily have to be isolated. The Empty Hearse (2014)
I have managed to narrow down the John Smiths in Virginia from 2,780 people down to 1,900 by eliminating anyone over the age of 70 and anyone under the age of 18.[CN] 所以我们的不明嫌犯 和Phil很相似 孤僻 情感上非常依赖Antonia 等待她的指示 Devil's Backbone (2016)
He's grown isolated.[CN] 他慢慢变得孤僻 Face My Enemy (2014)
Casey's somewhat of a loner.[CN] 凯西有点孤僻 没家人可联系 {\fn微软雅黑\b0\fs14\3cH000000\shad1}Casey's somewhat of a loner. RAM (2014)
Incorruptible and unsociable.[CN] 廉洁又孤僻 Incorruptible and unsociable. Poker Night (2014)
In the months since, he's grown isolated, talking to himself more and more.[CN] 几个月以来 他慢慢变得孤僻 自言自语的时间越来越多 Shadows (2014)
But you've missed his isolation.[CN] - Elementary. 但你还是没看出他孤僻 {\3cH202020}But you've missed his isolation. The Empty Hearse (2014)
So, in high school, I wasn't such a weirdo.[CN] 我并不是孤僻 而是个平行行者 Sex with an Animated Ed Asner (2014)
They think I'm a weirdo, I'm no weirdo, just a loner[CN] 他们说我孤僻,我不是孤僻,只是孤绝 Oi chum mai (2014)

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