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Mary Margaret Phelps.[JA] - お父さんの3番目の婚外子 While You Were Sleeping (2012)
I'd like to talk to the Titan's Bastard about winning.[JA] 巨人の婚外子と勝利ついて相談したい Second Sons (2013)
We know that Charles left his fortune to you and Yvette, but he failed to include language in his will that would exclude his bastard children from laying claim to their share of it.[JA] 追って来るのを心配する必要は もうないってことだ チャールズは 彼の財産を 君とイヴェットに残したが 遺言書に 彼の婚外子達が While You Were Sleeping (2012)
Half of them will have bastards in their bellies come the morning.[JA] 半分くらいがその腹に婚外子を宿す Blackwater (2012)
A company led by a Braavosi named Mero, the Titan's Bastard.[JA] 兵団を率いているのはブラヴォス人のメロです <巨人の婚外子>と言われている Second Sons (2013)
Paid off their mothers to keep them quiet.[JA] 数十年前に 婚外子として2人を 生ませた While You Were Sleeping (2012)
The Titan's Bastard does not drink alone.[JA] 巨人の婚外子は一人では飲まん Second Sons (2013)
A boy many believe to be a bastard with no right to it.[JA] その少年は何の権利もない婚外子と言われています First of His Name (2014)
Because he was also part of her plan to protect her money from her father's illegitimate children.[JA] 彼女は 決してあなたに彼を紹介しなかった 彼もまた 父親の婚外子達から 自分の金を守るための 彼女の計画の一部だったから While You Were Sleeping (2012)

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