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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
好奇心旺盛[こうきしんおうせい, koukishin'ousei] (n,adj-na) brimming with curiosity [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I had the foresight to collar up a particularly inquisitive blonde.[JA] 先見の明があった 特に 好奇心旺盛なブロンド Dodger (2013)
Learning to read, walking, seeing the world, and yet, they still want to be held.[JA] 読んで歩いて知恵が付く 好奇心旺盛だろ Run (2012)
Stuffed to the gills with insatiable curiosity.[JA] 相変わらず 好奇心旺盛 Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)
Hey, so, just curious... I'd like to point out you're reading off a laundry list of corpse requirements.[JA] [トビー] その 好奇心旺盛なんだ... 君がその長い 死体の必要条件を読み上げ 私がチェックしていこうか The Discovery (2017)
She was inquisitive, intelligent, and idealistic.[JA] 好奇心旺盛で 知的で 理想主義 War of the Roses (2012)
What brings you here curious little one?[JA] どうしたんだい 好奇心旺盛なカワイコちゃん? Treasure Planet (2002)
I can't shut mine off any more than you can shut yours off.[JA] 君以上に 好奇心旺盛でね Apéritif (2013)
You are headstrong and inquiring.[JA] キミは頑固で 好奇心旺盛 Woman in Gold (2015)
Alone. Curious.[JA] 孤独で 好奇心旺盛 Chapter 11 (2013)
Curious.[CN] 好奇心旺盛 Chapter 11 (2013)
I am trained to pay attention to details from the hair on your neck, to the location of every security camera in this stadium.[JA] 人は好奇心旺盛だ 髪の細部にまで 注意を払う スタジアムにも 監視カメラがある Abduction (2011)
You ask so many questions, curious guy.[JA] 質問ばかり 好奇心旺盛なのね The Master in the Slop (2014)

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