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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
大脳皮質[だいのうひしつ, dainouhishitsu] (n) cerebral cortex [Add to Longdo]

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It takes getting used to but with A CMR hardwired into your cortex, you become a passive recorder of all that you see, hear and smell.[JA] 直に馴れるが CMRは大脳皮質に直結していて 視覚 臭覚 聴覚 全ての対象を 記憶出来るようになる Fast Times (2012)
It goes all the way to his cerebral cortex.[JA] 大脳皮質まで貫通 Beholder (2014)
If these analog tapes capture the images of the supernatural, they can affect our cerebral cortex.[JA] テープは超常現象を 映し出すことができる 大脳皮質に影響を与える V/H/S/2 (2013)
Shrinking the nucleus accumbens in my limbic system, suppressing emotional memory in favor of higher rational thought, also expanding my cerebral cortex.[JA] 大脳辺縁系の 側坐核の縮小 合理的な思考が 感情を抑制 大脳皮質も拡大 The Human Kind (2012)
The parietal lobes of my cerebral cortex--[JA] つまり大脳皮質の上から見て... Synchronicity (2015)
It's all moving along the cerebral cortex, which controls higher-level thinking.[JA] 大脳皮質に沿ってる 思考を制御する箇所だ The Human Kind (2012)
A memory pack is implanted in my skull and records telemetry, video and audio from my cortex for use in chain of evidence and trials.[JA] 記憶媒体が頭蓋骨に 埋め込まれていて 犯罪記録や判例が使えるように 大脳皮質に直結してるの A Stitch in Time (2012)
Wires run from the vests into the cerebral cortex.[JA] 配線が 大脳皮質に入ってる筈よ Minute to Win It (2014)
I planted a probe... in your cerebral cortex.[JA] 大脳皮質にプローブを植えた On Thin Ice (2013)
You wouldn't have been able to save him anyway. The tumor had already invaded the cortex and the right side of his spine.[JA] 彼を救うのはムリよ、腫瘍が 大脳皮質まで転移してたので Lucy (2014)
We tapped into your cerebral cortex... allowing you to re-live your memories in vivid detail.[JA] 貴方の大脳皮質に接続して 記憶を細部まで鮮明に再生したの Welcome to the War (2010)
The cerebral cortex is becoming so thick that it's overriding the area used to control emotions.[JA] 大脳皮質が感情部分を 上書きした The Human Kind (2012)

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