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St Edward's Hospital?[CN] 圣爱医院? St Edward's Hospital? The Compassionate Society (1981)
What are we going to do about St Edward's?[CN] 圣爱医院怎么办? What are we going to doabout St Edward's? The Compassionate Society (1981)
![CN] 导火索来自伦敦圣爱医院 A row has blown upat St Edward's The Compassionate Society (1981)
Why is your Minister interested in this hospital?[CN] 你们大臣干吗对圣爱医院感兴趣? Why is your Minister interestedin this hospital? The Compassionate Society (1981)
We are talking about St Edward's Hospital?[CN] 伯纳 我们说的是圣爱医院吧? We are talkingabout St Edward's Hospital? The Compassionate Society (1981)
When we can afford it, we open St Edward's with medical staff.[CN] 等有钱了 再给圣爱医院配备医生开业 您可同意? When we can afford it, we openSt Edward's with medical staff. The Compassionate Society (1981)
Lucky they didn't ask you about that new hospital, sir.[CN] 幸好他们没问圣爱医院的事 先生 为什么? Lucky they didn't ask youabout that new hospital, sir. Why? The Compassionate Society (1981)
Bernard, reinstate all the workers at St Edward's.[CN] 伯纳 召回圣爱医院所有工人 Bernard, reinstate all the workersat St Edward's. The Compassionate Society (1981)
- Yes, I know, but we are going to get some patients into St Edward's eventually?[CN] Yes, I know, but... 我们会给圣爱医院找些病人 We are going to getsome patients in to St Edward's... 终究会吧? The Compassionate Society (1981)

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