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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
吆喝[yāo he, ㄧㄠ ㄏㄜ˙, ] to shout; to bawl; to yell (to urge on an animal); to hawk (one's wares); to denounce loudly; to shout slogans [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
- Ah![CN] [两者吆喝] Ghost Shark (2013)
I would be surprised if our "yell" comments were not positive.[CN] 我. 我会感到很惊讶 如果我们的"吆喝"的评论是不积极的。 Call in the Light (2014)
"I'm in the room if you need me." And so she goes in the room, and I keep freaking yelling and emotional, screaming.[CN] "我在房间里,如果你需要我。" 等她进去房间, 而我一直再用吆喝 和情绪,尖叫。 The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter (2014)
Oh, my God![CN] [两者吆喝] 哦,我的上帝! Ghost Shark (2013)
-Those farrells![CN] 花我们的钱 还对我们吆喝 Costing us money, telling us what to do? Messengers (2016)
All right, we'll work on that one later, but right now, I want you to yell with all your soul, if you even have a soul.[CN] 好吧,我们将继续努力在一个更高, 但现在,我要你带吆喝 所有你的灵魂,如果你连灵魂。 Reach Me (2014)
Nobody needs to yell, I'm right here.[CN] 没有人需要吆喝, 我就在这里。 A Daughter's Nightmare (2014)
Crying cockles and mussels alive a-live-oh[CN] ...大声吆喝着牡蛎和蚌类 新鲜的的哟... Set Fire to the Stars (2014)
But, yeah, should be called "yell."[CN] 但是,是的,应该叫"吆喝"。 Call in the Light (2014)
Broad and narrow, crying cockles and mussels[CN] ...的街道 大声吆喝着牡蛎和蚌类... Set Fire to the Stars (2014)
That's too bad, 'cause I'd be all, "Yo, other little rich kid! My nanny can snap your neck."[CN] 可惜了 换我肯定天天吆喝 "嘿富二代 我奶妈能打折你脖子" And the Life After Death (2013)
But you gotta understand, we're the new guys on the block, you know, we're trying to make a name for ourselves.[CN] 你得理解 我们是行业里的新人 想要赚点吆喝 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

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