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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
受ける(P);請ける(P);承ける;享ける[うける, ukeru] (v1,vt) (1) to receive; to get; (2) to catch (e.g. a ball); (3) to be struck by (wind, waves, sunlight, etc.); (4) to sustain (damage); to incur (a loss); to suffer (an injury); to feel (influence); (5) to undergo (e.g. surgery); to take (a test); to accept (a challenge); (6) (esp. 受ける, 享ける) to be given (e.g. life, talent); (7) (esp. 受ける, 享ける) to follow; to succeed; to be descended from; (8) to face (south, etc.); (9) {ling} (esp. 受ける, 承ける) to be modified by; (10) (esp. 請ける, now primarily used in compound words) (See 請け出す・1) to obtain (a pawned item, etc.) by paying a fee; (v1,vi) (11) to be well-received; to become popular; to go down well; (P) [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
If there is already an account, it is a system, and it is possible to receive (*O) by emailing (*O) in your accounting.アカウント既にあるならば、システムであり、あなたの会計で、電子メールを送って、受けることができる。
You will be shocked to hear this.あなたはこれを聞いて衝撃を受けるだろう。
You don't have to take an examination.あなたは試験を受ける必要は無いよ。
Gloria, don't let him feed you that line about his wife not understanding him.グローリア、奥さんが彼のことを理解してないなんていう彼の言葉を真に受けるようじゃだめだよ。
In this season we often suffer from an excess of rain.この季節にはわれわれはしばしば多雨の害を受ける
This country is safe from attack.この国は攻撃を受ける心配がない。
This job will mean moving to another city.この仕事を引き受けると他の町へ引っ越すことになるだろう。
George is reluctant to taken on that difficult job.ジョージはその困難な仕事を引き受けるのを嫌がっている。
Such an act will be judged at the bar of public opinion.そういう行為は世論の裁きを受けるだろう。
I object to being treated like that.そのような扱いを受けるのはいやだ。
Such conduct would subject the offender to a heavy penalty.そのような行いをすれば違反者は重罰を受けるだろう。
Foreigners get special treatment in that country.その国では外国人は誰でも特別なもてなしを受ける

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
- Scoundrel![JA] お前は裏切り者だ 今に報復を受ける Tikhiy Don II (1958)
That we are notified by mail to come down to this place to decide on the guilt or innocence of a man we... we have never heard of before.[JA] 通告だ 郵便で通告を受けると みんながここへ集まって 全く知らない人間の 有罪 無罪を決める 12 Angry Men (1957)
Try to catch snowflakes on your tongue.[JA] 舌で雪を受ける A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
Podtyolkov, they're bringing the prisoners. You read Golubov's note?[JA] チェルネッォフは反革命派だ そいつを引受けると何事だ Tikhiy Don (1957)
Today, the reason for this tribunal will be a secret from you.[JA] 今日は そのことで テストを受けることになる The Spy Who Came In from the Cold (1965)
- Scoundrel![JA] お前は裏切り者だ 今に報復を受ける Tikhiy Don (1957)
Well .. He wanted to know how I felt if my daughter sits in the classroom with a bunch of negros.[JA] 娘が黒人と一緒に 授業受けるのどう思うって The Intruder (1962)
Or perhaps you may feel, Comrades, with the advantage of hindsight, that Mundt's escape from Britain was a little too brilliant, a little too easy.[JA] しかし 同志諸君も 異様な感じを 受けるのではないでしょうか ムントの脱出は あまりにも 容易すぎました The Spy Who Came In from the Cold (1965)
The law says you gotta give me a trial![JA] 裁判を受ける 権利があるんだぞ! Rough Night in Jericho (1967)
Today you're here, but tomorrow we're to answer for you?[JA] あんた達が逃げ出せば 罰を受けるのはこっちだよ Tikhiy Don (1957)
Podtyolkov, they're bringing the prisoners. You read Golubov's note?[JA] チェルネッォフは反革命派だ そいつを引受けると何事だ Tikhiy Don II (1958)
Is there something I've said that's caused this contempt, or is it just the things I stand for that you despise?[JA] こんな侮辱を受けるようなことを 私が言ったか? それとも こんな蔑みをガマンしろと? The Graduate (1967)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
受ける[うける, ukeru] bekommen, erhalten [Add to Longdo]

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