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印度河[Yìn dù hé, ˋ ㄉㄨˋ ㄏㄜˊ, ] Indus river [Add to Longdo]

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The high period of the Indus civilisation started from 2900 BC to 1900 BC.[CN] 印度河流域文明的全盛期 是从公元前2900年到公元前1900年 Beginnings (2007)
Because it was here in the valley of the Indus River, comparatively recently, a series of amazing discoveries, revealed a hitherto completely unknown ancient civilisation.[CN] 它曾是印度的一部分,1947年成为独立国家 它位於印度河流域 就在不久前 Beginnings (2007)
"as if we are on the threshold of such a discovery[CN] 「我们在印度河平原的发现 Beginnings (2007)
And when was the heyday, the high period, of the Indus civilisation?[CN] 那印度河流域文明的全盛期是什麽时候? Beginnings (2007)
Just like the modern Indians and Pakistanis, the Indus people were traders.[CN] 就像现代印度人和巴基斯坦人一样 印度河流域人也擅长经商 Beginnings (2007)
In the valley of the river Indus.[CN] 大约是在公元前3000年出现在印度河流域 Beginnings (2007)
Why the Indus cities died, is one of the greatest mysteries in archaeology.[CN] 但是印度河流域的城市消失之谜 仍是考古界最大的谜团之一 Beginnings (2007)
Indian rivers are home to the world's most social otter - smooth-coated otters form family groups up to 17 strong.[CN] 印度河里住着世界上最具社会性的水獭 印度水獭的一个家族可多达17名成员 Fresh Water (2006)
And the key to the collapse of the Indus cities was the shifting and drying up of rivers,[CN] 印度河流域的城市的消失主要是 因为河流的改道和乾涸 Beginnings (2007)
The ruins of Harappa stood on the dried-up bed of a tributary of the river Indus.[CN] 哈拉帕古城遗址座落在 一条印度河支流乾涸的河床上 Beginnings (2007)
In a small village near the head waters of the Indus river, an old man, Paldem Sering, has died.[CN] 在印度河源头附近的一个小村庄中, 一个老人,Paldem Sering,死了。 The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Way of Life (1994)
And the Buddha had come here to do what Indian holy men did, practising almost unbelievable austerities.[CN] 让我们能够一窥笈多帝国的巅峰时期 疆域从印度河流域到孟加拉湾 Ages of Gold (2007)

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