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協力関係[きょうりょくかんけい, kyouryokukankei] (n) cooperative relation; cooperative relationship; collaborative relationships; cooperative structure; cooperative ties; cooperative alliance; partnership; close ties; hookup [Add to Longdo]

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I am in favour of any measure which would lead to closer cooperation in Europe.[JA] 各国の協力関係が緊密になるのであれば 私はいかなる法案も支持します Roman Holiday (1953)
In honour of our partnership and to, quite frankly, apologise for my mistake, perhaps I could take you to dinner.[JA] 我々の協力関係の継続と 率直に 無礼のお詫び の意味も込めて 夕食にお誘いしても? Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)
I realize that our alliance is, at times, uneasy.[JA] 我々の協力関係は 時には 危うく TRON: Legacy (2010)
Partnerships are delicate, Mr Ryan.[JA] 協力関係というのは繊細だ ライアン君 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)
You mean my level one overshare that miraculously got you to cooperate?[JA] キミはオレと同じ機密保持レベルには達していないし、 キミは奇跡的に協力関係を築けている。 The Asset (2013)
Only if it's a partnership.[JA] 協力関係 Trance (2013)
Professional partnership with her.[JA] 業務上の 協力関係を結んでる。 Childish Things (2016)
"It's a partnership, Franck."[JA] "協力関係を" Trance (2013)
You know, considering your nerves maybe we should renegotiate our little partnership, pal.[JA] お前の精神状態を 考えると 協力関係についても 考え直すべきかもな The Iceman (2012)
Nation are entering into a partnership with my corporation, automatic systems.[JA] わが社と協力関係を 締結することになりました オートマイト・システム社です Automatic for the People (2008)
Relationship-building is the key.[JA] 協力関係確立が重要です Battleship (2012)
Cooperation and collaboration amongst the countries is the goal.[JA] 国家間の協力関係確立を 目的にしています Battleship (2012)

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