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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
剧增[jù zēng, ㄐㄩˋ ㄗㄥ, / ] dramatic increase [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Millions of jobs of the U.S.A. are abroad, wages fall, and imports of food contaminated climb.[CN] 数百万美国人失业 降薪 垃圾食品进口剧增 Battle in Seattle (2007)
Your hormones start, you turn into Horny Pants.[CN] 荷尔蒙剧增,性致勃发 This Means War (2012)
When you hit on top of each other.[CN] 在你们碰到一起时急剧增 I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight (2008)
In the last few months, suddenly his explosives... are more sophisticated, more deadly.[CN] 在最近几个月里 忽然间他的炸弹 威力剧增 杀伤力增强 Rendition (2007)
You know that lying causes stress, right?[CN] 你知道吗? 撒谎会导致压力剧增 You know that lying causes stress, right? Fiddler's Neck (2015)
In the early 70 s, the Defense Intelligence Agency began conducting top secret experiments with people with psychic abilities to help gather intelligence for modern warfare.[CN] 才使得攻破的案件数量急剧增加 在70年代早期 国防情报局 开始散播具有通灵能力的 Anna (2013)
But as the human population has increased locally, the herd has become marooned in its upland enclave with nowhere to go.[CN] 但是,随着本地人口的剧增 牧群将它的领地包围,让它无路可走 Fire (2010)
But if the urchin population explodes, the kelp could disappear.[CN] 但如果海胆数量剧增 海藻就会消失 Deep Sea (2006)
CO2 is the hidden price we pay.[CN] 过去250年, 温室气体排放量急剧增 Six Degrees Could Change the World (2008)
Simply having fat friends can triple your risk of becoming obese.[CN] 拥有肥胖的朋友也许会 使自身肥胖的风险剧增 Attack of the Xenophobes (2007)
My fever has been tracking up exponentially since 2 a. m and I am producing sputum at an alarming rate.[CN] 我从凌晨2点开始跟踪测试体温 而且我的痰液剧增 The Pancake Batter Anomaly (2008)
This is one war, we are not gonna lose.[CN] 如果你破坏了物种间的自然竞争 它们的数量会剧增 Kong: Skull Island (2017)

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