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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
削り[けずり, kezuri] (n) shavings; flakes [Add to Longdo]
削り[けずりばな, kezuribana] (n) (arch) wooden flower whittled from a log [Add to Longdo]
削り[けずりくず, kezurikuzu] (n) shavings [Add to Longdo]
削り取る[けずりとる, kezuritoru] (v5r) to shave off; to scrape off [Add to Longdo]
削り出す[けずりだす, kezuridasu] (v5s) to machine; to cut; to scrape [Add to Longdo]
削り[けずりぶし, kezuribushi] (n) flaked bonito; (P) [Add to Longdo]
削り[けずりしろ, kezurishiro] (n) cutting stock (extra material cut off in machining operations as a safety margin for tolerances); machining allowance [Add to Longdo]
削り落とす[けずりおとす, kezuriotosu] (v5s) to scrape off; to plane off [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Ryan: Well, the tattoo's crude.[JA] 荒削りな刺青ね Selfie 2.0 (2015)
to deploy a remote underwater probe.[JA] 氷をドリルで削り 水中探査装置を 作動させて Europa Report (2013)
He's had his jaw line shaved down and a rhinoplasty.[JA] アゴ削り鼻を整形した Fountain of Youth (2014)
Yeah, and I heard she wants them all axed.[JA] 曲を削りたいとも The Movie Star (2012)
And she said that you destroyed her pencil sharpener.[JA] それから鉛筆削りを壊したって Boyhood (2014)
Okay, this is rough.[JA] わかったよ まだ粗削りなんだ Nebraska (2011)
I will have every inch of your flesh removed with a cheese grater starting with your prick.[JA] おろし金でお前の肉を 削り落とす 最初はちんこだ Church in Ruins (2015)
All right. All right.[JA] 睡眠時間を削り The Original (2016)
Possession of guns with rubbed-off serial numbers isn't legal.[JA] シリアルナンバーを削り取った銃を 所持するのも 違法だぞ No Lack of Void (2014)
So I had them shave my jaw, I had a slight eyebrow lift, new nose, cheeks, inner and outer lipo, oh, and they pinned my ears.[JA] だから、その顎を削り、 わずかに眉毛も持ち上げ、 新しい鼻、頬、内側と外側の脂肪、 ああ、後、私の耳をピンで固定した The Neon Demon (2016)
This is a fleshing knife.[JA] これは 獣皮削り取り用ナイフです Endangered (2013)
Our musical tense was pretty raw, if I say so myself.[JA] どれも未だ いわば荒削り The Song (2013)
While he was gone, we continued to chip away at his empire.[JA] 奴がいない間 奴の王国を少しずつ削り続けた Details (2013)
Sometimes the kitchen has to scrape the mold off the top before they serve it.[JA] ここのキッチンでは取り分ける前に 鍋の汚れを削りおとすの I Wasn't Ready (2013)
I learned very early a scalpel cuts better points than a pencil sharpener.[JA] 私はメスで 鉛筆削りを学んだ Apéritif (2013)

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
The house was undermined by the flood.洪水で家の土台が削り取られた。
My emotion's losing the color of life.感情を削り取りながら。

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
削り[けずりぶし, kezuribushi] geriebener (getrockneter) Blaufisch [Add to Longdo]

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