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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
假若[jiǎ ruò, ㄐㄧㄚˇ ㄖㄨㄛˋ, ] if; supposing; in case [Add to Longdo]

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- if I wish to return? I would strongly suggest that you put the matter of Muhammad Banir behind you.[CN] -假若我希望回来? Dying of the Light (2014)
If it falls on a power plant and there's nuclear fallout, the damage caused will be unimaginable.[CN] 假若破坏核反应堆 造成核泄漏的话 带来的灾难无可估计 Summer Wars (2009)
If you wish to return to work at the CIA...[CN] 假若你希望回来 回到中情局工作... Dying of the Light (2014)
What if I become a parody of that very thing?[CN] 假若我自己偏偏也成为这么个仿例呢 The End of the Tour (2015)
That without four preferiti a two-thirds majority for any candidate will not be possible.[CN] 假若不能立即选出教皇 所有候选人的安全都将可能受到威胁 Angels & Demons (2009)
And if God exists, he will answer all my questions.[CN] 假若神真的存在的话 他会回答我所有问题 OMG: Oh My God! (2012)
If he has the map, It's only a matter of time[CN] 假若他有了地图 那只是时间的了 The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box (2013)
♪ Till you lose your heart ♪[CN] ~假若你失去了你的心~ My Week with Marilyn (2011)
They might break up over this.[CN] -是啊 如果这起牛肉犯罪 是他为了让夏美和实里和好 假若这真是小内的大师级计划 会让我很惊讶 Case of the Meat (2016)
Maddy, you need this job. I'll tell you when it gets to be too much.[CN] 玛蒂,你需要这份工作 假若事情多得我应付不来的话我会告诉你的 Letters to God (2010)
If it was about making something beautiful or surprising?[CN] 假若是为了比赛谁能创造出美好和惊艳的东西? If it was about making something beautiful or surprising? Paper Planes (2014)
If Morelli get killed, Ziggy Kuliza, he was an horror dealer.[CN] 假若莫雷利被杀 就是有人帮齐格 -肯利沙报仇 One for the Money (2012)

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