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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
修士号[しゅうしごう, shuushigou] (n) master's degree [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I'm Temple Grandin, a Bachelor of Science, doing my master's here at Arizona State, currently studying in Scottsdale Feed Yards, and I was wondering if I could interest the Arizona Farmer-Ranchman periodical on a thesis I'm writing on control systems and cattle[JA] テンプル・グラディン 科学学士。 アリゾナで修士号挑戦中で スコットデール飼料場で勉学中 Temple Grandin (2010)
I have a Master's in forensic psych, the questions I gave Rigsby came from a standardized test to diagnose psychopathy.[JA] 私は 司法心理学の修士号を持ってる リグズビーに尋ねたのは 精神病を診断する標準的な質問だ Ring Around the Rosie (2011)
A master's thesis on mooing strikes me as a lowering of the bar and I, for one, will not be the first person to give you an easy ride because of your autism.[JA] 修士号の論文がモー鳴きなら 僕が最初ではないけど 君が自閉症だから容易にするようで 審判を低くすると思われる Temple Grandin (2010)
Masters degree in Art History from the University of Tallahassee, the same place Gellar taught at before he disappeared.[JA] 美術史の修士号だ タラハシ大学で取得 ゲラーが姿を消す前 教えていた場所だ The Angel of Death (2011)
Got his master's at "u" of "o."[JA] オレゴン大学で修士号 The Other Side (2012)
Well, Master of Science.[JA] 科学修士号 Temple Grandin (2010)
You are the only Master of Science in the room.[JA] あの部屋では、ただ一人の科学修士号なの Temple Grandin (2010)
Excuse me. I hold two master's degrees from MIT, Dr.Corvin.[JA] 言っておくが僕はMITの修士号 2っ持ってる Space Cowboys (2000)
I went there to go get my master's in electronics, but somebody said, "You got to go to college first."[JA] 修士号を 取りたかったんですが "大学行くのが先だ" って言われて Tower Heist (2011)
Well, I didn't speak until I was four and now I have a B.A. And a master's and I'm studying for my doctorate.[JA] 4歳まで喋れなかった 今は学士と修士号 そして博士号の勉強中です Temple Grandin (2010)
Master of stacking and bachelor of price tagging?[JA] 商品並べの修士号と 値札付けの学士の? Turn Me On, Dammit! (2011)
My master's from the University of Colorado.[JA] 修士号はコロラド大学 Sunset (2010)

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