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俚语[lǐ yǔ, ㄌㄧˇ ㄩˇ, / ] slang [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I know. It's a slang term for a type of, uh, purified Ecstasy.[CN] - 这是一个俚语 是一种纯净的摇头丸 The Spark in the Park (2013)
The clap is slang for gonorrhea.[CN] 拍手是俚语淋病。 Sex Ed (2014)
I think it's police slang, Saunch. It means "cut me loose."[CN] 这是警界俚语 索恩乔 意思是他要放我走 Inherent Vice (2014)
Did you know "Nob" is a slang term which means 'rich or wealthy.'[CN] 你知道"诺布" Did you know "nob" 其实是"富有"或是"财富"的俚语吗? is a slang term which means "rich" or "wealthy?" San Andreas (2015)
I'd see moldy cheese and I'd be, like, "dude, that cheese is goat."[CN] 是起司坏掉的俚语 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)
That is a, uh, slang term... for when a female... ejaculates during orgasm, which we talked about, so good question, basically.[CN] 这是一个,呃,俚语. 因为当一个女. 性高潮时射精, Sex Ed (2014)
Now, Kimmy, isn't it true that when I saved you you were running away from home, from Durnsville, named after our magnificent founder, Zachary Ville.[CN] isn't it true that when I saved you named after durns"是"doing"的俚语 登斯维尔谐音"doing well Kimmy Goes to Court! (2015)
Now, I know there's a lot of slang terms out there for body parts.[CN] 现在,我知道有很多的俚语 上了那里的身体部位。 Sex Ed (2014)
Why, then, reputin Romance Languages ​​course again?[CN] 为什么我觉得浪漫的俚语 再次eropaku没谱。 The Coed and the Zombie Stoner (2014)
It's some British slang.[CN] 这是一些英国俚语 Hello Ladies: The Movie (2014)
Crabs is slang for pubic lice.[CN] 螃蟹是俚语阴虱。 Sex Ed (2014)
♪ The jungle slang ♪[CN] ♪丛林俚语 Magic Mike XXL (2015)

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