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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
仿制[fǎng zhì, ㄈㄤˇ ㄓˋ, 仿 / 仿] to copy; to imitate; to make by imitating a model [Add to Longdo]
仿制[fǎng zhì pǐn, ㄈㄤˇ ㄓˋ ㄆㄧㄣˇ, 仿 / 仿] counterfeit object; fake [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
A serial killer made a mold of Grissom's print in latex, planted it at a crime scene.[CN] 一個連環殺手用乳膠仿制Grissom的指紋 故意在犯罪現場留下指紋 Boston Brakes (2014)
He did a French drop to swap the valuable ring with a cheap replica.[CN] 他用法式落下将那枚值钱戒指换成了 He did a french drop to swap the valuable ring 一枚廉价的仿制品 with a cheap replica. Brown Shag Carpet (2015)
It was a big hit. Sold a bunch of t-shirts[CN] 现场很火爆 卖了一堆T恤和仿制面具 It was a big hit. Ho'oma'ike (2014)
It is a... reproduction.[CN] 那是一个... 仿制品 It is a... The King of Columbus Circle (2015)
Excellent copy.[CN] 很高明的仿制 The Mystery of the Red Runway (2014)
Oh, is it that my bag is a Chinese imitation?[CN] 这是中国的仿制品吗 Veteran (2015)
They've been butting heads with these fucking Crippers from the beach.[CN] 我本以为花费100支枪的运费很便宜 但话说回来 这可是俄国产的全自动步枪 而不是廉价的中国仿制 Shot Caller (2017)
They're cheap knockoffs.[CN] 它们是廉价的仿制 Stolen Valor (2014)
We need to know every blind alley on that ship.[CN] 仿制于我们的阿利·伯克级驱逐舰 Legacy (2016)
Everyone will study the layout.[CN] 类似于我们的... 仿制 Legacy (2016)
Why should what you put in your mouth be any different?[CN] 这个领域科学家所用的术语 A term of art among scientists in the field, 仿制的肉 a "Sheet of meat". How the Sausage Is Made (2016)
Uh, that's a replica.[CN] 呃 那是枚仿制品 Uh, that's a replica. 一枚... 仿制品? Brown Shag Carpet (2015)

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