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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
下城[げじょう, gejou] (n,vs) withdrawing from the castle [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
In the downtown venue.[CN] 适合下城区特殊情况 Well, the particular developing circumstances The Dream Team (2016)
I have the...[CN] 《龙与地下城》中道德伦理体系 我不守序 不中立 不叛逆 I'm not lawful, neutral, or chaotic Hostiles and Calamities (2017)
I don't see why it has to be in some hippie's mobile sex dungeon.[CN] 我不明白为什么非得坐 I don't see why it has to be in 这种嬉皮士的可移动性爱地下城 some hippie's mobile sex dungeon. The Bachelor Party Corrosion (2015)
He's about three metres in front of me.[CN] 接下来的一个月里 这台摄影机让戈登得以透过黑暗的阻隔 成为首个拍下城市猎豹捕猎实况的人 Cities (2016)
I'll deal with them.[CN] 下城区肯定很多粉丝 There's a lot of Trojan fans downtown. 100% Not Guilty (2016)
- African-Americans.[CN] 是的 要知道我们的陪审团是下城区的 Yes. We know we have a downtown jury, which means 这意味着大多数都是非裔美国人 a heavy concentration of African 100% Not Guilty (2016)
It doesn't strike you as extreme, my sequestration here?[CN] 总统在曼哈顿下城区发表演讲 The president is making speeches in Lower Manhattan. -我认为很安全 The Return (2017)
To the downtown jury.[CN] 我们需要一个人能够和下城区那些 We need someone who can communicate The Dream Team (2016)
I've won 19 out of 20[CN] 总之 下城区对我来说没问题 Anyhow, downtown is fine by me. The Dream Team (2016)
it's downtown.[CN] 而且那里的媒体接待室也很小 这是下城区 And the media room's dinky; The Dream Team (2016)
Like a lot of old buildings downtown, yours wasn't always used for housing.[CN] 跟下城区很多老建筑一样 Like a lot of old buildings downtown, 你的公寓不是一直用于居住的 yours wasn't always used for housing. The Legend of Marcos Ramos (2015)
If I can make it black women, we are in good shape.[CN] 我们将要面对下城区的陪审团 We're gonna have a downtown jury 100% Not Guilty (2016)

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