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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
コボル[, koboru] (n) {comp} Common Business Oriented Language; COBOL [Add to Longdo]
コボルト;コーボルト;コボル[, koboruto ; ko-boruto ; koborudo] (n) kobold (evil spirit in German folklore) (ger [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles
Thank the Lords of Kobol. Thank you.コボルの神に感謝します ありがとう Episode #1.1 (2003)
All hands, be ready for some chop. Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer.総員、揺れに備えよ chop 不規則な小波、三角波 コボルの神々よ 我祈りを聞き給え Episode #1.2 (2003)
Lords of Kobol. This isn't happening to me.コボルの神々よ こんなのあんまりです Episode #1.2 (2003)
Just as you led us from Kobol and found the Twelve Worlds, so now we hope and pray that you will lead us to a new home, where we may begin life anew.コボルから我らを導き 十二の世界を見つけて下さったように ‐ 今、我々は願い祈ります 我らを新世界へとお導きください ‐ 我らが新たな営みを 始められる場所へと Episode #1.2 (2003)
And they were told to us by the Lords of Kobol, many countless centuries ago.コボルの神々が我々に問い掛けた 数えきれない何世紀も前に Episode #1.2 (2003)
Thank the Lords of Kobol. You don't know how relieved we are to see you.コボルの神に感謝します また会えて安心しました 33 (2004)
Once again, we are charged with the solemn duty... to return the bodies of our own to the universe... from which the Lords of Kobol brought them to us.崇高な使命を託すのです コボルの神の元に届くように 人生とは短いものです Act of Contrition (2004)
And, thus, it falls upon us to repent our sins... and with the help of the Lords of Kobol... make our own lives worthy of that gift.コボルの神の助けを借りて・・・ 我等の人生の贈り物にし・・・ その魂を土へと還します Act of Contrition (2004)
Why should I tell you?コボルの神々、その何もかも? 答える必要があるか? Flesh and Bone (2004)
Kobol will lead you to Earth.コボルがあんたを 地球に導くだろう Flesh and Bone (2004)
He's just afraid that his soul won't make it to God. Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer.彼は魂が神にまでたどり 着けない事を恐れています コボルの神々よ、祈りを聞き給え Flesh and Bone (2004)
The forum in the opera house in the city of the gods on Kobol.神々の都市にあるオペラ・ハウスの広場 コボルにあったの Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1 (2005)
Kobol like Kobol?コボル、あのコボル? Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1 (2005)
FTL's spun up and ready?コボル FTL臨界、準備はいいか? faster Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1 (2005)
I need one more in-flight test... for the autopilot and NAV systems before I jump for Kobol.もう一度、飛行中の テストが必要です コボルにジャンプする前に 自動操縦と航行システムを試します Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1 (2005)

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
コボル[こぼる, koboru] COBOL, Common Business Oriented Language [Add to Longdo]

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