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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
アイドル(P);アイドゥル[, aidoru (P); aidouru] (n) (1) idol; (2) (See アイドル状態) idle; (P) [Add to Longdo]
アイドルインタラプト[, aidoruintaraputo] (n) {comp} idle interrupt [Add to Longdo]
アイドルキャピタル[, aidorukyapitaru] (n) idle capital [Add to Longdo]
アイドルギヤ;アイドルギア[, aidorugiya ; aidorugia] (n) idle gear; intermediate gear [Add to Longdo]
アイドルコスト[, aidorukosuto] (n) idle cost [Add to Longdo]
アイドルコラージュ[, aidorukora-ju] (n) altered photograph, usu. with sexual connotations, such as putting someone's face on top of a picture of a nude idol, etc. (wasei [Add to Longdo]
アイドルシステム[, aidorushisutemu] (n) idle system [Add to Longdo]
アイドルタイム[, aidorutaimu] (n) idle time [Add to Longdo]
アイドルビット[, aidorubitto] (n) idle bit [Add to Longdo]
アイドルフラグ[, aidorufuragu] (n) {comp} idle flag [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
アイドルのコンサート会場に、追っかけのファンがウジャウジャ集まっていた。At the pop star's concert the fans were swarming around the foot of the stage.
かつてのアイドルも40過ぎるとただのおばさんか。Former pop stars are just plain old women by the time they're 40.
そのロッカーは十代の若者アイドルだ。The rock star is an idol of the teenagers.
その歌手は若者たちのアイドルだ。That singer is a teenage idol.
少女たちはティーンエイジのアイドルを追いかけた。The girls chased after their teen-age idol.
彼は子供たちのアイドルだった。He was the idol of children.
彼女はいわば我々のアイドルだった。She was, so to speak, our idol.
この問題は、アイドルのエゴとヲタのエゴの衝突だ。This problem is the clash of the idol's and obsessive fan's egos.

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
アイドル[あいどる, aidoru] idle [Add to Longdo]
アイドルフラグ[あいどるふらぐ, aidorufuragu] idle flag [Add to Longdo]
アイドル時間[アイドルじかん, aidoru jikan] idle time [Add to Longdo]
アイドル状態[アイドルじょうたい, aidoru joutai] idle state, idle conditions [Add to Longdo]

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