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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
盆踊り[ぼんおどり, bon'odori] (n) การร่ายรำบงโอะโดะริ

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
ぼんたん飴[ぼんたんあめ, bontan'ame] (n) Botan Rice Candy (lemon orange flavored soft, chewy candy with an edible wrapper and includes a small Botan Ame); Botan Ame; Bontan Ame [Add to Longdo]
ぼんぼん[, bonbon] (adv,adv-to) (1) fiercely (e.g. of a fire burning); (2) bong-bong (of clock ringing); (3) with repeated bangs (e.g. of fire cracker); (n) (4) (abbr) (See ぼんぼん時計) striking clock; (5) (ksb [Add to Longdo]
ぼんぼん時計[ぼんぼんどけい, bonbondokei] (n) striking clock; wall clock; pendulum clock [Add to Longdo]
ぼんやり[, bonyari] (adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) (also written as 呆んやり) dimly; faintly; indistinctly; vaguely; (2) (on-mim) absentmindedly; vacantly; carelessly; (3) (on-mim) idly; aimlessly; (n) (4) absence of mind; fool; blockhead; dunce; (P) [Add to Longdo]
雪洞[ぼんぼり, bonbori] (n) snow cave [Add to Longdo]
雪洞[ぼんぼり, bonbori] (n) paper-covered lamp or lantern [Add to Longdo]
煩悩[ぼんのう, bonnou] (n) (1) worldly desires; evil passions; appetites of the flesh; (2) {Buddh} klesha (polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, which result in suffering); (P) [Add to Longdo]
煩悩具足[ぼんのうぐそく, bonnougusoku] (n) possessing worldly desires and passions [Add to Longdo]
煩悩鷺[ぼんのうさぎ, bonnousagi] (n) (uk) (See 葦五位) yellow bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis) [Add to Longdo]
坊ち[ぼんち, bonchi] (n) (uk) (ksb [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
The fact is apparent to the most casual observer.この事実はどんなぼんやり者にも明白だ。
Jim is what is called an absent-minded student.ジムは、いわゆるぼんやりした学生だ。
Do you have a hollow dish for soup?スープを入れるくぼんだお皿がありますか。
There are some depressions in the road.その道路にはくぼんだ所がいくつかある。
If you didn't have your head in the clouds, you could succeed.ぼんやりしていなければ、君もちゃんとできるよ。 [M]
Don't look away idly; just pay attention to what you're doing.ぼんやりとして目をそらすな、自分のしていることに注意を払いなさい。
If you drive carelessly, you will miss your turn.ぼんやり運転していたら、入っていく道を見逃すよ。
Rose was blowing bubbles.ローズはしゃぼん玉を吹いていた。
We saw a dim light in the distance.遠くにぼんやりした明かりが見えた。
The fire is burning furiously.火がぼんぼん燃えている。
The flowers withered up.花がしぼんだ。
Her eyes have sunk through overwork.過労で彼女の目はくぼんでしまった。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I've changed quite a bit.[JA] だいぶ しぼんじゃったけどね Uragiri to yokubou (2015)
(BREATHING RAGGEDLY)[JA] (ぼんやりとした呼吸) The Belko Experiment (2016)
Sounds hollow.[JA] くぼんだ音 Sent on Tour (2015)
An absentminded attention.[JA] ぼんやりしてて―  ()
The fear I'd felt on the journey faded away.[JA] 旅に出て感じた ぼんやりとした恐怖は Silence (2016)
My head is so foggy.[JA] 頭がぼんやりしている The Siege of Murphytown (2016)
[muffled grunting][JA] やめる。 [ぼんやりした苦笑い] 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. (2017)
I'm, I'm still a little hazy.[JA] ぼんやりしている A New Mission (2016)
It's still vague, but his real goal is becoming clear.[JA] ぼんやりだけど 真犯人の狙いが 見えてきたところなの Reason (2017)
-Their silhouettes are starting to show.[JA] (慎)まあ シルエットが出てきた? (達也)シルエットが ぼんやり見えてきた Three Crushes (2015)
But, like, "You seem down.[JA] イヤじゃない? "お前 今日 ぼんやりしてんな" In Tears Again (2015)
Forget the dickheads who think that they can paw me,[JA] ぼんくらを忘れて 彼らは私を撫でることができると思う人 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[ぼん, bon] NORMAL, GEWOEHNLICH [Add to Longdo]
凡人[ぼんじん, bonjin] Durchschnittsmensch, gewoehnlicher_Sterblicher [Add to Longdo]
凡庸[ぼんよう, bonyou] mittelmaessig, gewoehnlich [Add to Longdo]
凡才[ぼんさい, bonsai] mittelmaessig_begabt [Add to Longdo]
煩悩[ぼんのう, bonnou] irdische_Wuensche, sinnliche_Begierde [Add to Longdo]
盆地[ぼんち, bonchi] -Becken, Mulde [Add to Longdo]
盆景[ぼんけい, bonkei] Miniaturlandschaft_auf_einem_Tablett [Add to Longdo]
盆栽[ぼんさい, bonsai] Bonsai, Miniaturbaum (Topfpflanze) [Add to Longdo]
盆踊り[ぼんおどり, bon'odori] Bon-Tanz [Add to Longdo]

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