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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
家族連れ[かぞくづれ, kazokudure] (n) taking the family along [Add to Longdo]
共連れ;伴連れ[ともづれ, tomodure] (n) following someone through a locked door, thus obtaining unauthorized access [Add to Longdo]
子連れ[こづれ, kodure] (n) taking one's children along (to an event, into a new marriage, etc.) [Add to Longdo]
女連れ;女づれ[おんなづれ, onnadure] (n) accompanied by a woman; accompanied by women [Add to Longdo]
綴れ錦;つづれ[つづれにしき, tsudurenishiki] (n) (hand-woven) brocade [Add to Longdo]
綴れ織り;つづれ織り[つづれおり, tsudureori] (n) (hand-woven) tapestry [Add to Longdo]
徒然[つれづれ(gikun);とぜん, tsuredure (gikun); tozen] (adj-na,adv,n) tedium [Add to Longdo]
道連れ[みちづれ, michidure] (n) (1) fellow traveler; fellow traveller; (2) (See 道連れにする) someone unwillingly made to take part; being made to take part in something [Add to Longdo]
道連れにする[みちづれにする, michidurenisuru] (exp,vs-i) to make take part in some activity; to take along with you (w. negative associations) [Add to Longdo]
二人連れ[ふたりづれ, futaridure] (n) party of two [Add to Longdo]
馬は馬連れ[うまはうまづれ, umahaumadure] (exp) (id) Birds of a feather flock together [Add to Longdo]
夫婦連れ[ふうふづれ;めおとづれ;みょうとづれ, fuufudure ; meotodure ; myoutodure] (n) husband and wife travelling together (traveling) [Add to Longdo]
訪れる[おとずれる(P);おとづれる, otozureru (P); otodureru] (v1,vt) (1) to visit; to call on; (v1,vi) (2) to arrive; to come; to appear; (P) [Add to Longdo]
旅は道連れ世は情け[たびはみちづれよはなさけ, tabihamichidureyohanasake] (exp) just as it is reassuring to have a companion when traveling, it is important for us to care for each other as we pass through this life [Add to Longdo]
孰(P);孰れ;何れ[いずれ(P);いづれ(ik), izure (P); idure (ik)] (adv,pn,adj-no) (1) (uk) where; which; who; (2) anyway; anyhow; at any rate; sooner or later; eventually; at some future date or time; (P) [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
家族連れ[かぞくづれ, kazokudure] mit_der_Familie [Add to Longdo]

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