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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
つなぎ合わせる;繋ぎ合わせる;繋ぎあわせる[つなぎあわせる, tsunagiawaseru] (v1) to connect; to join; to join or tie or knot together [Add to Longdo]
つなぎ止める;繋ぎ止める;繋ぎ留める[つなぎとめる, tsunagitomeru] (v1,vt) to tie; to fasten; to hitch; to secure (e.g. load, patronage of customers, etc.); to hold on to [Add to Longdo]
つなぎ売り[つなぎうり, tsunagiuri] (n,vs) hedging; hedge selling [Add to Longdo]
つなぎ[つなぎめ, tsunagime] (n) joint; link; tie-together point [Add to Longdo]
繋ぎ[つなぎ, tsunagi] (n) (uk) {comp} stopgap measure; filler (i.e. time, space); patch [Add to Longdo]
繋ぎ資金[つなぎしきん, tsunagishikin] (n) emergency fund [Add to Longdo]
繋ぎ服;つなぎ[つなぎふく, tsunagifuku] (n) overalls; boiler suit [Add to Longdo]
繋ぎ目[つなぎめ, tsunagime] (n) knot; joint [Add to Longdo]
繋ぎ融資[つなぎゆうし, tsunagiyuushi] (n) bridge loan; relief or emergency loan [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
すぐにおつなぎします。I'll put your call through in a minute.
牛にくびきをかけすきにつなぎなさい。Yoke the oxen to the plow.
交通渋滞で、車が数珠つなぎでした。The traffic was very heavy. The cars were lined up bumper to bumper.
少々お待ち下さい、おつなぎ致します。Hang on, I'll transfer you.
登山者をザイルでつなぎ合わせる。Rope the climbers together.
馬をあの木につなぎなさい。Tie the horse to that tree.
彼のつなぎ服はペンキのしみだらけだった。His overall was covered with paint-stains.

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
つなぎ[つなぎ, tsunagi] patch [Add to Longdo]

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