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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
議論[ぎろん, giron] (n) การอภิปราย การโต้แย้ง การถกเถียง

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
ぎろぎろ[, girogiro] (adv,adv-to,vs) glaringly (staring) [Add to Longdo]
妓楼[ぎろう, girou] (n) brothel [Add to Longdo]
議論[ぎろん, giron] (n,vs) argument; discussion; dispute; controversy; (P) [Add to Longdo]
議論になる[ぎろんになる, gironninaru] (exp,v5r) (1) to get into an argument; to come to discuss; (2) to be controversial (usu. as an adjectival phrase); to be contentious [Add to Longdo]
議論の末に[ぎろんのすえに, gironnosueni] (adv) after a heated discussion [Add to Longdo]
議論の余地[ぎろんのよち, gironnoyochi] (exp) room for argument [Add to Longdo]
議論を戦わす[ぎろんをたたかわす, gironwotatakawasu] (exp,v5s) to have a discussion [Add to Longdo]
議論百出[ぎろんひゃくしゅつ, gironhyakushutsu] (n) diverse arguments arising in great numbers [Add to Longdo]
議論沸騰[ぎろんふっとう, gironfuttou] (n,vs) discussion (argument) becoming heated; debate being in a ferment [Add to Longdo]

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Keep walking![JA] 通り過ぎろ Stranger by the Lake (2013)

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