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ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
you'dHe's likely to be late so you'd better tell him again that the meeting time is seven to make double sure.
you'dWhen you said you'd look after Spot, you knew there'd be responsibilities.
you'dI don't know if you'd call it a hobby, but to stretch it a little, you could say music appreciation is my hobby.
you'dTell me when you'd like to order.
you'dI was wondering if you'd let me stay with you for a few days.
you'dJill says that she's happily married, but at times you'd never know it.
you'dHad you run all the way, you'd have got there in time.
you'dYou're just the kind of person I imagined (you'd be).
you'dIf you had a word processor, you'd be free from all this trouble.
you'dI don't mind your groping in the dark for a solution but I wish you'd come to a decision.
you'dI think you'd better take an umbrella in case it rains.
you'dIf you'd like to continue to improve your swimming, just keep on practicing every day.
you'dHelp yourself to anything you'd like to eat.
you'dJust tell me what you'd like me to do.
you'dWhen you go abroad, you'd better keep in mind that tipping is necessary.
you'dSince it's cold outside, you'd better put your overcoat on.
you'dI thought you'd jump at the chance.
you'dYour brother said you'd gone to Paris.
you'dI think you'd better take a rest; you look ill.
you'dI think you'd better go on a diet.
you'dNow that you are tired, you'd better rest.
you'dIt will rain on and off today, so you'd better take your umbrella.
you'dI wonder if you'd like to go out with me this Sunday.
you'dIf you want to go there in time, you'd better make a bee line for your class right away.
you'dThere is plenty of food left if you'd like some.
you'dIt's the sort of day when you'd like to stay in bed.
you'dIf you want a new bike, you'd better start saving up.
you'dI wish you'd never been born.
you'dI would have set aside the day for it if you'd told me ahead of time.
you'dAs you have a fever, you'd better stay home.
you'dTo hear him speak, you'd take him for a foreigner.
you'dToo see them sitting together, you'd take them for twins.
you'dI think you'd better lie low until she forgives you.
you'dTo hear her laugh, you'd take her for a young girl.
you'dWell, I thought that even though you were in a hurry, you'd have to go back into the kitchen and get a soup plate; then you'd have to slide the cup slowly and carefully over to the edge of the table...
you'dI was wondering if you'd like to join me for dinner tomorrow.
you'dI could not look back, you'd gone away from me.
you'dLast time I sent out my humble work, the afterword to "left-right", written on the promise that you'd keep it secret from him, this time it's the afterword to that afterword.
you'dYou're really handy, aren't you? Don't you think you'd make a good house-husband?
you'dI wish you'd quit that sort of super-league stupidity.
you'dJust what you'd expect of a young lady, you certainly weren't left to live as you pleased.
you'dIsn't that just what you'd expect from the prince? He certainly has the character of a truly great man.
you'dIt's not yet what you'd call finished but were' starting to get pretty good results.
you'd"Well, even so my score is far above yours isn't it?" "What did you say!? If I was to go all out you'd be as nothing to me!"
you'dYou say you had a nibble, it looked to me like you'd polished it off.
you'd"Morning. You're early today." "You too. I thought you'd still be dead to the world."
you'd"Certainly if someone is _that_ beautiful you'd draw back from approaching her." "Thought you'd agree."
you'dIt's hot, so you'd better head back quickly. Mackerel goes off so fast that they coined 'fresh-looking rotten fish'.
you'dNormally you'd call 250 yards a great distance for an amateur.

English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
you'd(ยูดฺ) abbr. you had,you would

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary
YOU'D    Y UW1 D
YOU'D    Y UH1 D

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
you'd    (v) (y uu d)

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Er tut, als könne er nicht bis drei zählen.You'd think he couldn't say boo. [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
ただじゃおかないぞ;ただではおかないぞ[, tadajaokanaizo ; tadadehaokanaizo] (exp) You'll pay for this!; You'd better keep your mouth shut! [Add to Longdo]
だろう(P);だろ[, darou (P); daro] (exp) (1) (See でしょう) seems; I think; I guess; I wonder; I hope; (2) don't you agree?; I thought you'd say that!; (P) [Add to Longdo]
でしょう(P);でしょ(ik)[, deshou (P); desho (ik)] (exp) (1) (pol) (See だろう) seems; I think; I guess; I wonder; I hope; (2) don't you agree?; I thought you'd say that!; (P) [Add to Longdo]

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