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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
心肺[しんぱい;しんはい, shinpai ; shinhai] (n) (1) heart and lungs; (adj-no) (2) cardiopulmonary; (n) (3) (abbr) (See 人工心肺) heart and lung machine [Add to Longdo]
心肺機能[しんぱいきのう, shinpaikinou] (n) cardio-pulmonary function [Add to Longdo]
心肺蘇生法[しんぱいそせいほう, shinpaisoseihou] (n) cardiopulmonary resuscitation; CPR [Add to Longdo]
心肺停止[しんぱいていし, shinpaiteishi] (n) cardiopulmonary arrest [Add to Longdo]
心肺停止状態[しんぱいていしじょうたい, shinpaiteishijoutai] (n) (in a) state of cardiopulmonary arrest [Add to Longdo]
人工心肺[じんこうしんぱい, jinkoushinpai] (n) heart-lung machine [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
Let's continue CPR, please.[CN] 继续心肺复苏 来吧 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
And it's just too bad that Tandy couldn't have been here, because he was an expert at CPR.[JA] 更に、そこに タンディがいなかった 彼は、心肺蘇生のエキスパートだった Dead Man Walking (2015)
Start C.P.R. Milagros, get me an epi.[CN] 克鲁普... 打开心肺复苏器 米拉格罗斯 把肾上腺素拿来 Bringing Out the Dead (1999)
Sounds like she's taking in air through the wound, so we've got to relieve this pressure, or else it's gonna crush her heart and lungs.[JA] 傷口から空気が 入っているようだ この圧を下げないと 心肺がもたない Speak of the Devil (2013)
Quick question. Who knows CPR?[CN] 有没有人会做心肺复苏术? Stuart Little (1999)
Begin cardiovascular suppression.[CN] 进行心肺机能控制 Ghost in the Shell (1995)
- Give her some Valium! - Ten mil, stat![CN] 没有心跳了 快打开心肺复苏器 Bringing Out the Dead (1999)
- Excuse me, sir.[CN] 先生 对不起 我们再做几次心肺复苏 Bringing Out the Dead (1999)
You know, it wasn't until I did CPR that I saw the drugs and realized she O.D.'d.[JA] 心肺蘇生をやった後に 薬を見て ODだと気づいた Get Gellar (2011)
If you do your chest compressions properly, it shouldn't take long.[JA] もし心肺蘇生をするなら 時間を掛けすぎちゃだめだ Daddy's Home (2015)
I don't feel a pulse, doctor. Charge v-fib?[JA] 心拍停止状態です、先生 心肺蘇生しますか? Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? (2010)
But he... he just died right there on the floor.[CN] (CPR 心肺复苏术) 他只是躺在那里 死了 An Eye for an Eye (2004)
I've seen similar fracture patterns caused by aggressive CPR. Why would a killer try and revive someone they wanted dead?[JA] 心肺蘇生法による骨折に似てるわ 犯人が蘇生を試みる 理由がありますか? The Recluse in the Recliner (2014)
Begin CPR.[CN] 开始心肺复苏术 Flatliners (1990)
It has adult education, basketball...[CN] 有社会大学、棒球 心肺复苏术 Two Weeks Notice (2002)
And then we ran up to it and we tried to give it CPR, and it came back to life.[JA] 走って行って 心肺蘇生をしようとした で 生き返った Ted (2012)
Starting CPR ! Starting CPR ![CN] 开始心肺复苏 Flatliners (1990)
- Do CPR, something![JA] - 心肺蘇生をしろ! 何とかしろ! Heist (2015)
Aim for the heart and lungs.[CN] 瞄准心肺的部位 Léon: The Professional (1994)
You're heartless.[CN] 你这个没心肺的东西 The Missing (2003)
I took a CPR dummy, and I dressed it up to look like Gordon, and I talk to it, and I do other stuff with it, and we're probably gonna need a new CPR dummy.[JA] 私は、CPR(心肺蘇生術)の ダミーに ゴードンの服を着せてた それと話をしたり、色々したわ No Bull (2015)
- What a way to begin the day. Are we doing C.P. R? - Mm-hmm.[CN] 今天刚开始就碰上这个 做心肺复苏了吗? Bringing Out the Dead (1999)
You may know about our cardiopulmonary system but you have a lot to learn about the human heart.[CN] 你或许了解我们的心肺系统 但是你需要对人类的心了解多些 Dear Doctor (2002)
- Nothing. - Starting CPR.[CN] 没反应,开始心肺复苏 Flatliners (1990)
- a little CPR refresher, okay?[JA] - これは、心肺蘇生術よ No Bull (2015)
He needs CPR. - You know how to do CPR?[CN] 得做心肺复生术,你会吗? Doctor Dolittle (1998)
Partly because people do need a place to do senior's water ballet and CPR.[CN] 也因为居民需要场地 进行老人水上芭蕾 和心肺复苏术 Two Weeks Notice (2002)
And here we are now, with me brother doing some running and swimming different types of cardio.[JA] 今は弟と一緒にいる 心肺機能を高める ランニングと水泳をやって The Brothers Grimsby (2016)
Sho, get the ACLS kit and the defibrillator.[JA] ショー 心肺蘇生キットと 除細動器を取って Life (2017)
There's no change. Starting CPR.[CN] 还是没有变化 开始心肺复舒 In My Time of Dying (2006)
There's no risk, providing the patient's heart and lungs are sound.[CN] 沒有風險 只要病人的,心肺功能完好 Corridors of Blood (1958)
I tried to talk about a DNR, and she got very agitated.[CN] 我试着要跟她谈放弃心肺复苏术的事 她就突然很激动 Do Not Resuscitate (2000)
Uh, Dexter told me to call 911, and he started CPR.[JA] 救急車を呼び 彼が心肺蘇生を Chemistry (2012)
I was just boning up on my CPR, and I have a sore hip, so we was in...[CN] 我只是恶补我的心肺复苏, 我甲肝E A髋关节疼痛, 所以我们在. Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth (2000)
And he's now experiencing life-ending cardiac distress.[JA] 彼は、今 心肺停止状態 Dead Man Walking (2015)
CPR.[JA] 心肺蘇生 Scary Monsters and Super Creeps (2009)
- What's CPR?[CN] 什么是心肺复苏术? 是你! Back to the Future Part II (1989)
I know CPR.[CN] 我会CPR心肺复苏术 The Mask (1994)
- We're beginning CPR.[CN] - 我们开始做心肺复苏术 Crimson Tide (1995)
There's no cardiopulmonary or respiratory functions.[CN] 开始心肺复苏功能 Lost in Space (1998)
The worst part wasn't... desperately trying to perform CPR before the paramedics arrived or even when the police charged me with negligent homicide.[JA] 最悪で予定外だった... 必死に 心肺蘇生をしようとした 救急隊員が到着する前に Last Call (2014)
- Heart attack! I know C.P. R! - I'm not having-[CN] 心脏病突发 我会心肺复苏 我没有 Just My Luck (2006)
You could be experiencing cardiopulmonary failure Or a transient ischemic attack.[JA] 心肺機能不全や一過性脳虚血を 起こしてたのよ Fastest Man Alive (2014)
I see. Cease CPR.[JA] 心肺蘇生中止しよう Umizaru (2004)
- And we're gonna rip his lungs out.[CN] -我们要掏出他的心肺 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
Start CPR.[JA] 心肺蘇生開始 Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? (2010)
Mother won't sign the "Do Not Resuscitate."[CN] 因为他母亲不肯 签字同意使用心肺复苏 Bringing Out the Dead (1999)
Cardiovascular synch:[CN] 心肺循环同步: Ghost in the Shell (1995)
CPR![CN] 心肺复苏术! Duplex (2003)

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