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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
幹部[かんぶ, kanbu] (n) ผุ้บริหาร เช่น 私は幹部に昇格しました

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
幹部[かんぶ, kanbu] (n,adj-no) management; (executive) staff; leaders; leadership; top brass; upper echelons; (P) [Add to Longdo]
幹部[かんぶかい, kanbukai] (n) board of directors [Add to Longdo]
幹部[とうかんぶ, toukanbu] (n) leading members of a party; party executive; party leadership; senior party members [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
干部[gàn bù, ㄍㄢˋ ㄅㄨˋ, / ] personnel; employees; cadre (in communist party) [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
Since in this organization they're all chiefs and no Indians, it's a wonder any decisions get made.この組織は幹部ばかり名を連ねているのではたして決定を下せるのかあやしいものだ。
He consulted with some of the staff on the matter.彼はその問題について幹部の何人かと協議した。
Party leaders are grappling with flaws in the party system.幹部らは、党組織の欠陥問題に取り組んでいます。
The union bosses are fighting the freeze on wage hikes.労働組合の幹部は賃上げの凍結に反対して、闘っています。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Bruce Wayne, meet one of our junior executives, Lucius Fox.[JA] ブルース・ウェインだ ルーシャス・フォックス 幹部補佐のひとり The Anvil or the Hammer (2015)
Well, there was a researcher who, who tried to warn upper management about the misconduct but...[JA] 違法行為を幹部に 警告しようとした 研究者がいたはずだけど・・・ The Hound of the Cancer Cells (2014)
Some of our top people have been arrested.[CN] 我們重要的幹部被抓進了特務機關 Lust, Caution (2007)
I treated you like an elite intelligence officer.[JA] おまえは 優秀な情報局の幹部として接してきた Super Powers (2015)
All the senior management will be there, and I think people should see that a Wayne is still at the head of the company.[JA] すべての経営幹部がそこにいる 僕は皆を見るべきだと思う ウェインはまだ会社の代表だ Under the Knife (2015)
- I'm being sent as cadre leader.[CN] - 我調去之後就是幹部 The Tunnel (2001)
We have intelligence of a meeting of key members of Al-Shabaab.[JA] 我々はアル・シャバブの幹部が 会議をするという情報を得ました Eye in the Sky (2015)
Mr. Berenson, it's hardly a secret my grandfather was a big-time Nazi.[JA] 初めてではないよね ベレンソンさん 爺さんがナチの幹部であったのは もはや秘密ではありません Super Powers (2015)
McCarthy-Strauss are rather obvious suspects;[JA] マッカーシー・ストラウス社の幹部は 明らかに容疑者だ The Man with the Twisted Lip (2014)
She's been a highly effective officer for over 20 years, Carrie.[JA] 20年もの間彼女は 幹部として 貢献してきた New Normal (2015)
It's not every day I'm visited by a high-ranking officer of the Central Intelligence Agency.[JA] CIAの幹部がそうそう毎日 訪問することはないですからね Super Powers (2015)
With the PM residence still in the path of danger, government headquarters are being moved to Tachikawa City.[JA] 与党幹部と共に協議中です なお官邸機能は 非常事態を想定し Shin Godzilla (2016)
His name is Dante Scalice, and he's a capo in the Ferrara family.[JA] 彼の名前は ダンテ・スカリス フェラーラ一家の幹部 All in the Family (2014)
Two of Kataoka's men got hit two years ago.[CN] 前年兩個幹部被殺一事 Key of Life (2012)
The Whitbrook-Balsille executives were beef-witted sociopaths who had sold the world on the idea that playing Three-card Monte was somehow a respectable profession.[JA] ウィトブルック・バルシル銀行の幹部達は トランプ賭博を お上品な職業だと信じて The One Percent Solution (2014)
What cadre is your father in the United States[CN] 你爸爸在美國是什麼幹部 The Herdsman (1982)
- He's a chinese ex-officer, he is amused by his birds.[CN] 他原來在大陸當幹部的,剛剛退休來 Trilogy of Lust (1995)
Hydra's number one thug.[JA] ヒドラの幹部だな? Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
There is, after all, strong precedent for senior figures removing comrades in pursuit of the greater good.[JA] 偉大なる目的のために 幹部が同僚を除くと言うことは これまでにも前例があるわけだからな A Way Out (2015)
I was trying to track who had access to the surveillance tapes. The head of security at Bethesda Presbyterian was a guy named Jerold Norsky.[JA] ぼくはいま 監視カメラの映像を追っていて ベセスダの セキュリティ会社の幹部 The Conspiracy in the Corpse (2014)
A senior Nazi from Berlin.[JA] ベルリンから来たナチの幹部です Three Monkeys (2015)
Cadre is here, let's go[CN] 有幹部來了呀,快起來 Cheng shi zhi guang (1984)
13 cartel lieutenants killed at once.[JA] 一度に13人のカルテルの幹部が殺されたの The Man with the Twisted Lip (2014)
An executive at a big bank wanted them dead, so he wired the money to someone with the skills, resources, and moral depravity to make that happen.[JA] 大手銀行の幹部は 彼らの死を望んだ それで 彼は 誰かにお金を寄付した 援助とそれを実現させた 道徳的堕落の為に Root Path (2014)
The worstare those cadres in uniform[CN] 最壞的是穿軍服的幹部 Cheng shi zhi guang (1984)
Or that your aunt's necklace, the same one she wears in the Klimt portrait, came to adorn the neck of Emmy Goering,[JA] 叔母さんのネックレスは クリムトの肖像画に 映っているのと同じ物 ナチス幹部 ヘルマン・ゲーリングの Woman in Gold (2015)
We found those printouts at the home of a high-ranking member of the Ferrara crime family.[JA] フェラーラ一家のある高級幹部の家で この印刷物を見つけました All in the Family (2014)
But only high-ranking members of the Bureau would know where it was taken.[JA] テロリストの仕業だ でも幹部しか 保管場所を知らないはず Right (2016)
Had a meeting with BND top brass, including Herr Mohr.[JA] ドイツ情報局の幹部と 会議を行った モール氏も含めてね The Tradition of Hospitality (2015)
And all were senior figures... in Hanka.[JA] 全てがハンカの幹部でした Ghost in the Shell (2017)
One of the higher-ups tried to do the right thing and Cranford knew it.[JA] 幹部の1人は 不正を正そうとし クランフォードはそれを知っていた The Hound of the Cancer Cells (2014)
We discovered a high-level intelligence officer was trying to manipulate satellites.[JA] 衛星を悪用する 幹部諜報員を見つけたの xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)
The DST in France have long suspected that he is a high-ranking lieutenant in Le Milieu.[JA] フランスの国土安全保障省は 以前から彼を ル・ミリュウの上級幹部だと見ている The Man with the Twisted Lip (2014)
The people there kept saying they'd do what they can[CN] 裡面的幹部永遠都是一句話 替你研究研究 Jin su xin zhong qing (1986)
Those ofyou cadres in uniform[CN] 你們這些穿軍服的幹部 Cheng shi zhi guang (1984)
Technically, I'm a thug for S.H.I.E.L.D.[JA] 厳密にいえば 俺はシールドの幹部 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
The DST in France have long suspected that he is a high-ranking lieutenant in Le Milieu.[JA] フランスの国土安全保障省は 以前から彼を ル・ミリュウの上級幹部だと見ている Paint It Black (2014)
She's the head of the Justice Department.[JA] 彼女は司法省の幹部 The Nice Guys (2016)
- When I went to Paris to find Julia, I expected to find a prisoner of Ilaria, not one of its leaders.[JA] 自由を奪われたジュリアを 助けにパリに行ったら 彼女は イラリア社の幹部だった Densho (2015)
Executives at McCarthy-Strauss?[JA] マッカーシー・ストラウス社の幹部 The Man with the Twisted Lip (2014)
Unless, of course, one of them didn't.[JA] 幹部の1人がそれを 無視していなかったのなら・・・ The Hound of the Cancer Cells (2014)
There have been rumors for years that a number of Auschwitz SS officers stole the identities of executed prisoners near the end of the war.[JA] 複数のアウシュビッツのSS幹部がー 死んだユダヤ人になりすましたという Remember (2015)
Because she's the head of the Justice Department.[JA] なぜなら彼女が司法省の幹部だからだ The Nice Guys (2016)
According to his own e-mails, he only told a handful of higher-ups who rejected his warnings.[JA] 彼のメールによれば 彼が話したのは 警告を無視した 一握りの幹部だけだった The Hound of the Cancer Cells (2014)
At first, the leaders persuaded us to take the boats with us.[CN] 早期聽上面的幹部勸說一起遷過來 Dragon Boat (2011)
He's the keeper of the broom cupboard of state.[CN] 他是個給國家管管雜物的小幹部 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)
'Cause I'm gonna guess the three gentlemen you talked about were not IBM executives.[JA] 話した3人の 紳士を推測してみる IBMの幹部はいなかった Wild Card (2015)
You're inquisitive as the cadre up there[CN] 你真是煩死了,跟裡面的幹部一樣 Jin su xin zhong qing (1986)
Intelligence officers usually hedge their bets. It's...[JA] 情報部の幹部は いつも一か八かなんです The Covenant (2017)
One of them said:[CN] 其中一個幹部對我說 Ordinary Heroes (1999)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
幹部[かんぶ, kanbu] Vorstand, Direktion [Add to Longdo]

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