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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
公使[こうし, koushi] (n) minister (of legation); (P) [Add to Longdo]
公使[こうしかん, koushikan] (n) legation [Add to Longdo]
公使館員[こうしかんいん, koushikan'in] (n) legation; attache [Add to Longdo]
全権公使[ぜんけんこうし, zenkenkoushi] (n) minister plenipotentiary [Add to Longdo]
代理公使[だいりこうし, dairikoushi] (n) charge d'affaires of a legation [Add to Longdo]
特命全権公使[とくめいぜんけんこうし, tokumeizenkenkoushi] (n) minister extraordinary and plenipotentiary [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
公使[gōng shǐ, ㄍㄨㄥ ㄕˇ, 使] minister; diplomat performing ambassadorial role in Qing times, before regular diplomatic relations [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
He was appointed Japanese minister to Mexico.彼はメキシコ駐在日本公使に任命された。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Heard you came by the legation.[JA] 君は公使館を入手したそうだな The Quiet American (2002)
Protect the Ambassador.[CN] 保护公使 Guns and Roses (2012)
The German legation?[CN] 德国公使馆的? Part II (1988)
Quickly say where the secret pathway leading to the embassy is.[CN] 快说通往公使馆的秘密通道 Russian Coffee (2012)
Liestal. Swiss litigation.[CN] 莱斯塔尔 ,瑞士公使 Part VII (1988)
Slote, our friend at the American Legation in Bern, has absolutely no idea when this Brazil business will be straightened out.[CN] 斯鲁特,是我们在伯尔尼公使馆的朋友 说他不知道这个巴西问题 何时才能解决 Part II (1988)
When the Vikings went to France, an envoy came to negotiate with them.[CN] 北欧海盗们到了法国 一位公使跟他们谈判 We Shall Overcome (2006)
Tell me the road to the embassy.[CN] 告诉我通向公使馆的路 Russian Coffee (2012)
During the period in the embassy,[CN] 在公使馆的期间 Russian Coffee (2012)
Can you draw me a map of the embassy's interior?[CN] 能不能给我画一个公使馆内部地图 Russian Coffee (2012)
I accepted Minister Weber's request to come here.[CN] 我是接受了韦伯公使的拜托而的 Russian Coffee (2012)
The King of Joseon has sent[CN] 做为在俄罗斯公使馆逃亡的朝鲜王 Russian Coffee (2012)
Song Seongmin Minister, Korean Embassy[CN] 宋成民 驻日韩国大使馆公使 KT (2002)
Excuse me, my dear Vicomte, but this unfortunate soiree at the Ambassador's deprives me of the pleasure to hear you out.[JA] 子爵お許しください 公使の祝宴のため おいとませねば すばらしい夜会を 楽しく過ごしました War and Peace, Part I: Andrei Bolkonsky (1965)
I've planted an internal spy in the embassy.[CN] 我在公使馆安排了内线 Russian Coffee (2012)
Minister Polignac's here. I must stay till closing.[CN] 布利雅公使在这里 我必须留至关门 Vidocq (2001)
The Italian ambassador[CN] 久经盼望之意大利公使 Guns and Roses (2012)
At the embassy, he is also worried of being poisoned.[CN] 在公使馆 他也担心会被毒杀 Russian Coffee (2012)
Minister! Congratulations.[CN] 公使大人 恭喜您 Anna Karenina (2012)
To turn off the legation look[JA] 公使館を閉める 見て Persona Non Grata (2015)
Any matter regarding me, you can just directly tell Minister Weber.[CN] 跟我有关系的事情直接跟韦伯公使讲好了 Russian Coffee (2012)
Of course Minister, because it's in our national interest[CN] 公使先生, 因为此事关乎日本国家利益 KT (2002)
Don't worry, she is going to be my eyes and ears at the embassy.[CN] 不用担心 她是在公使馆要做我的耳目的人 Russian Coffee (2012)
So you deny a business or personal relationship with Ms. Valentine?[JA] では 公使共に関係は ないと言うことですか? Second Guess (2013)
Sir Gim Hong Ryuk, is a translating official here at the embassy.[CN] 金洪庆大人 在公使馆担任翻译 Russian Coffee (2012)
The Italian ambassador will be here soon.[CN] 很快意大利公使就要来了 Guns and Roses (2012)
Joe Tunney, the staff at the legation, Mr Muoi, General Thé.[JA] ジョー・トニー 公使館のスタッフ モウイ タイ司令官 The Quiet American (2002)
I'm not a cultural attache. I'm an American agent.[CN] 我不是文化公使 我是美国特工 Looking Glass (2011)
Will she be able to escape from the embassy?[CN] 她能从公使馆逃出来吗 Russian Coffee (2012)
Let Minister Weber take out the accounting book for me to see.[CN] 让韦伯公使拿出账本给我看 Russian Coffee (2012)
Now, the Russian embassy have emphasized their policies even more--[CN] 现在在俄罗斯公使馆 更加强调自己的政策 Russian Coffee (2012)
You all just saw that the Italian ambassador will visit our county[CN] 刚刚大家都看到了 意大利的公使要来我国访问 Guns and Roses (2012)
The American cultural attache can't be late for his own state dinner.[CN] 美国文化公使总不能 在自己的国宴上迟到吧 Looking Glass (2011)
During the visit, the Italian Ambassador DeNiro will attend the wedding of the daughter of Yamato Bank president Gu Xianming.[CN] 欢迎活动后 意大利公使德尼罗阁下 旋将出席庸亲王之子 Guns and Roses (2012)
Our Empress Myongseong was murdered and defiled by Japanese agents, who burned her corpse Our Empress![CN] 当年,我们的明成皇后 被侵入王宫的日本公使杀死 还受到凌辱 遗体都被烧掉了! KT (2002)
Commander Min Yeong Hwan said that there are a lot of Russian legations.[CN] 闵泳焕司令官说 俄罗斯公使馆拿去的钱非常多 Russian Coffee (2012)
Commander Yokomichi and Italian Ambassador DeNiro[CN] 意大利公使德尼罗老爷来贺 Guns and Roses (2012)
She was brought to the embassy because of coffee, you cannot be like this without saying anything.[CN] 为了咖啡才把她带到公使馆的 不能连句话都不说 就这样 Russian Coffee (2012)
Russian Minister Weber.[CN] 俄罗斯公使韦伯 Russian Coffee (2012)
Kim Junkwon Minister, Korean Embassy[CN] 金俊权 韩国驻日本公使 KT (2002)
You know Joe Tunney, from the American legation.[JA] ジョー・トォウニー アメリカ公使です The Quiet American (2002)
Don't bother, Gyongil My young man's waiting there[CN] 金俊权公使想见你 没必要见他 KT (2002)
Minister lf you do that here, all hell will break loose lf KT disappears in Tokyo, everyone will remember the East Berlin incident[CN] 公使 在这里这么干 会引起轩然大波的 如果金大中在东京消失 就会让人联想到"东柏林事件" KT (2002)
But, the righteous army that received Go Jong's secret imperial decree, raised an army by taking advantage of the situation and successfully escaped from the Russian embassy.[CN] 可是接到高宗密旨的 义兵趁着起兵 成功逃往了俄罗斯公使 Russian Coffee (2012)
I will sign the agreement with Ambassador DeNiro.[CN] 完成与德尼罗公使的签约仪式 Guns and Roses (2012)
After the death of the Queen, King Go Jong had once sought helped from the United States embassy.[CN] 高宗在王后死后 曾向美国公使馆寻求帮助 Russian Coffee (2012)
You're extremely fluent in Russian, you'll be of a great help to the embassy.[CN] 你的俄罗斯语非常流畅 会对公使馆有很大的帮助 Russian Coffee (2012)
I'm Kim Junkwon Minister from the Korean Embassy I've come to pay you my respects, Dr. Yang[CN] 我是韩国驻日本公使金俊权 特来问候梁先生 KT (2002)
You're going to the opera with the German Minister.[CN] 她不过是尽本分罢了 你是去陪一位德国公使听歌剧 Part VII (1988)
He hopes that you can strengthen the precautions taken for the surroundings of the embassy.[CN] 希望能更加强化 公使馆周围的戒备 Russian Coffee (2012)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
公使[こうし, koushi] Gesandter [Add to Longdo]

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