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I had a beautiful idea of the piety of those... pale-faced women with their rosaries and their convictions.[CN] 我对那些... 脸色苍白挂着念珠心念坚定的修女们 I had a beautiful idea of the piety of those... pale Madame Bovary (2014)
I find the whole mythology surrounding superheroes fascinating.[CN] 我对那些英雄式的神话非常着迷. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)
Goddamn it, I knew it was a bad idea. I've been straight with these fuckers.[CN] 靠啊 我知道这不是个好主意 我对那些混蛋已经很坦诚了 The Fourth Man in the Fire (2008)
I always liked the weird ones.[CN] 我对那些稀奇古怪的报告很感兴趣 I always liked the weird ones. The Keys (2015)
Perhaps I'm allergic.[CN] 可能是我对那些过敏 The Postman (Il Postino) (1994)
I'm not interested in any of that.[CN] 我对那些事都不感兴趣 Under Suspicion (1991)
Can't move, can't walk, can't do anything except think about what I did... to those families.[CN] 既不能动又不能离开 什么都干不了 只能回想我对那些家庭 犯的错 Map of You (2013)
But that landscape... those robots. ..[CN] 但我对那些景致和机械人 1,778 Stories of Me and My Wife (2011)
The modern world of science was all about statistics and computer modeling and that just wasn't me.[CN] 当今的科学界全是数据统计 电脑模拟 我对那些没兴趣 Chasing Ice (2012)
Told all my clients, last one to Sherlock is a sissy.[CN] 我对那些客户说 最后一名是胆小鬼 The Reichenbach Fall (2012)
I hate coffee shop intellectuals and I hate such resistance-fighters, too.[CN] 我对那些成天在咖啡馆空谈的天才 一向深恶痛绝 更讨厌那些咖啡馆反抗者 只有戏剧才是真正有价值的 Mephisto (1981)
I'm not interested in money.[CN] 我对那些钱毫无兴趣 I Remember You (1985)
(AaronRusso) -I was very impressed by the people in the tax and onesty movement.[CN] 我对那些处于税赋和诚信系统中的人们影响很深 America: Freedom to Fascism (2006)
If I hadn't watched those beautiful girls... how would I have found you?[CN] 要是我对那些漂亮姑娘视若无睹 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... (2001)
- Plastic flowers?[CN] 我对那些花会过敏 Masterminds (2016)
I'm not interested in that. I don't deal.[CN] 我对那些不感兴趣 所以没有答应他 We Own the Night (2007)
I'm not interested in the celebrities, with their free dresses.[CN] 我对那些有免费衣服可以穿的名人不感兴趣 Bill Cunningham: New York (2010)
Those girls mean as much to me as though they were my own.[CN] 伊森 我对那些女孩 视如己出 The Searchers (1956)
I'm completely indifferent to psychics I don't have a position on them at all.[CN] 我对超自然学没有任何兴趣... ...我对那些完全没有任何看法 Lake Mungo (2008)
I cannot control the output of diseased minds or people who cater to them.[CN] 我对那些精神病人 写的书无可奈何 对那些沉迷于这种书的人无可奈何 Cracks in the Shell (2011)
Juice, Juice, this is your life. Hey, this is your freedom.[CN] 你知道我对那些乱七八糟的东西不在行 You know I'm not good at these conflict things. 100% Not Guilty (2016)
Brought out my hatred for the Indians, like my mother.[CN] 我对那些像我母亲一样的印第安人 Navajo Joe (1966)
That is... ha...[CN] 你真的不参加演习吗? 我对那些没有兴趣 那对什么有兴趣 Sexy Teacher (2006)
I bear a great deal of ill will to those people that have come after me, those people who have persecuted and prosecuted me.[CN] 我对那些追踪骚扰我的人有很多的敌意 ...那些骚扰我,并控告我的人 Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (1999)
'Cause I'm sorry I wasn't nicer to The Real Housewives of Hell.[CN] 我对那些"真正的家庭主妇们"确实不恭 Trainwreck (2015)
I'm not interested in that money.[CN] 我对那些钱毫无兴趣 I Remember You (1985)
I simply don't want to deal in superficial matters.[CN] 我对那些肤浅的事情毫不关心 Stations of the Cross (2014)
Though, well, I am still curious about the conditions.[CN] 您薪水开得实在很大方 先生 尽管如此 我对那些条件还是有些好奇 The Copper Beeches (1985)
I told him what my father told me to answer to the boys who asked to marry me,[CN] 我回答给他我父亲让我对那些 Je lui ai répondu ce que mon père m'a dit de répondre 向我求婚的男孩子说的话 auxquels ceux qui me demandaient un mariage, War Witch (2012)
I might be interested in that business proposition.[CN] 我对那些投资建议有兴趣 The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)
Poozers are what I call useless, stupid, stinking rookies like Brilowog over here.[CN] 蠢货是我对那些既无能又愚蠢的垃圾新手的叫法 就像那边的布雷沃格 Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011)
'Cause you know how I feel about house dogs.[CN] 你知道 我对那些家狗有什么看法 Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure (2001)
Somewhere in there's my opinion on the severity of the allegations against you, if that's of interest.[CN] 那上面有我对那些对你的指控的 一些意见 如果那是你所感兴趣的事的话 All the King's Men (2006)
Well, you know what I say to those naysayers?[CN] 你知道我对那些仇敌说什么? Role Models (2008)
I have no pity for those who have outlived the usefulness of their lives.[CN] 我对那些早就活过头的人 毫无怜惜之意 El Cid (1961)
And what i done to them yanks, i can do to the whole union army- freeze 'em all in their tracks.[CN] 我对那些士兵所施的法术 也能对整个北军施放 让他们全都定身途中 Still Valley (1961)
Just 'cause I don't want to date some skanky rich girl.[CN] 反正我对那些没教养的富家名媛不感兴趣. Dare (2009)
Well, let's just say that the information that I'm interested in could be worth a great deal of money.[CN] 呃 这样说吧 嗯 我对那些讯息感兴趣 是因为值不少钱 Family Plot (1976)
I've always been impervious to gossip.[CN] 我对那些流言蜚语从不在意 Potiche (2010)
It's unreliable about events which occurred before my escape.[CN] 我对那些在 我逃离集中营之前 发生的事的记忆变得不准确 Libel (1959)
When they're here, I'll take opportunity of expressing my opinion of thieves who would try to steal my country.[CN] 他们来后,我会告诉他们 我对那些... 试图侵占我国土地的小偷的看法 The King and I (1956)
Well, I wouldn't put stock in stories like that.[CN] 我对那些故事没信心 From Here to Eternity (1953)
I do not know these Chinese ghosts.[CN] 我对那些鬼.. 疆尸都不认识 Yee do hung gaan (2002)
- No. Not at all.[CN] 我对那些故事不感兴趣 A Gang Story (2011)
But I can't figure out... if I was mad at those girls for showing me up... or proud that they actually managed... to totally minipulate me.[CN] 但是我不明白 如果我对那些爱在我面前露面的女孩感到愤怒 或是为她们可以自己处理而骄傲 Pledge This! (2006)

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