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หรือลองค้นหาคำในรูปแบบอื่น ๆ: -come through-, *come through*

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
come throughExcellent! It's just like you to come through like that.
come throughHe'll always come through.
come throughThe call has come through.
come throughWe have to somehow come through this troublesome situation.
come throughYou should come through with your promise.
NECTEC Lexitron-2 Dictionary (TH-EN)
ประคองตัว[V] sustain oneself, See also: come through, support oneself, lift oneself up by (his) footstraps, Example: รัฐบาลพยามประคองตัวให้ผ่านพ้นภาวะเศรษฐกิจตกต่ำ, Thai definition: ประคองสถานการณ์บ้านเมืองไว้ให้ดี
Volubilis Dictionary (TH-EN-FR)
ลอด[v.] (løt) EN: pass through ; go under ; go through ; slip through ; duck under ; come through ; escape from/out of   FR: passer dans ; passer par ; passer à travers ; passer sous ; s'échapper
ประคองตัว[v. exp.] (prakhøng tūa) EN: sustain oneself ; come through ; support oneself ; lift oneself up by (his) footstraps ; reinvigorate oneself ; stand on one's feet   
EDICT JP-EN Dictionary
通る(P);徹る;透る[とおる, tooru] (v5r,vi) (1) to go by; to go past; to go along; to travel along; to pass through; to use (a road); to take (a route); to go via; to go by way of; (2) (of public transport) to run (between); to operate (between); to connect; (3) to go indoors; to go into a room; to be admitted; to be shown in; to be ushered in; to come in; (4) to penetrate; to pierce; to skewer; to go through; to come through; (5) to permeate; to soak into; to spread throughout; (6) to carry (e.g. of a voice); to reach far; (7) to be passed on (e.g. of a customer's order to the kitchen); to be relayed; to be conveyed; (8) to pass (a test, a bill in the House, etc.); to be approved; to be accepted; (9) to go by (a name); to be known as; to be accepted as; to have a reputation for; (10) to be coherent; to be logical; to be reasonable; to be comprehensible; to be understandable; to make sense; (11) to get across (e.g. of one's point); to be understood; (12) to be straight (e.g. wood grain); (13) (arch) to be well-informed; to be wise; (suf,v5r) (14) (after the -masu stem of a verb) to do ... completely; to do ... thoroughly; (P) [Add to Longdo]
漏れる(P);洩れる[もれる, moreru] (v1,vi) to leak out; to escape; to come through; to shine through; to filter out; to be omitted; (P) [Add to Longdo]
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