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คลังศัพท์ไทย (สวทช.)
Performing arts ; Performancesการแสดง [TU Subject Heading]
Performing arts festivalsเทศกาลการแสดง [TU Subject Heading]
Performing arts sponsorshipการสนับสนุนเชิงธุรกิจในการแสดง [TU Subject Heading]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
performingJimmy is to some extent capable of performing this operation.
performingThey assisted him in performing the operation.

NECTEC Lexitron-2 Dictionary (TH-EN)
ค่าตัว [N] performing fee, See also: actor's remuneration, actress's remuneration, pay, compensation, wage, Syn. ค่าจ้าง, ค่าตอบแทน, Example: นักร้องคนนี้มีค่าตัวสูงที่สุดในเมืองไทย, Thai definition: ราคาที่กำหนดขึ้นตามความสามารถหรือความสำคัญของบุคคล
ศิลปะการแสดง [N] performing arts, Example: หนังตะลุงเป็นศิลปะการแสดงที่ต้องพึ่งพาอาศัยศิลปะประเภทอื่นด้วย
การทำขวัญนาค [N] performing a ceremony for chanting parents' loving kindness, Example: ราคาค่าทำขวัญจะมากหรือน้อยแล้วแต่หมอทำขวัญ ว่าจะโด่งดังและมีความชำนาญในการทำขวัญนาคแค่ไหน

Volubilis Dictionary (TH-EN-FR)
ค่าตัว[n.] (khātūa) EN: performing fee ; actor's remuneration ; actress's remuneration ; pay ; compensation ; wage   
ค่าตัว[n. exp.] (khātūa) EN: fee ; performing fee ; pay ; salary   
หนี้เสีย[n. exp.] (nī sīa) EN: bad debt ; non-performing loan   
ศิลปะการแสดง[n. exp.] (sinlapa kān sadaēng) EN: performing arts   FR: arts du spectacle [mpl]

CMU Pronouncing Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary
performing (v) p @1 f oo1 m i ng

DING DE-EN Dictionary
Aufführungsrecht {n}performing rights [Add to Longdo]

EDICT JP-EN Dictionary
しつつ行なう[しつつおこなう, shitsutsuokonau] (exp,v5u) (1) to be carrying out; to be in the process of carrying out; (2) to be performing; to be in the process of performing [Add to Longdo]
ぶっつけ本番[ぶっつけほんばん, buttsukehonban] (n,adj-no) performing without rehearsal [Add to Longdo]
べーっだ;べーだ[, be-dda ; be-da] (int) (abbr) (See あっかんべー) sound often made when performing the akanbe- (childish and insulting) gesture [Add to Longdo]
ギャラ[, gyara] (n) (1) (abbr) (See ギャラティー) guarantee; (2) fee paid to performing artists; (P) [Add to Longdo]
一人芝居;独り芝居[ひとりしばい, hitorishibai] (n,vs) one man show; performing solo; monodrama [Add to Longdo]
一人舞台;独り舞台[ひとりぶたい, hitoributai] (n) performing solo (by oneself); having the stage to oneself; being in sole command; eclipsing (outshining) the others; field of activity in which one is unrivaled (unrivalled) [Add to Longdo]
演奏家[えんそうか, ensouka] (n) performing musician [Add to Longdo]
演能[えんのう, ennou] (n,vs) performance of a noh play; performing a noh play [Add to Longdo]
猿回し[さるまわし, sarumawashi] (n) showman who trains performing monkeys [Add to Longdo]
花笠[はながさ, hanagasa] (n) type of conical hat adorned with flowers (used in Japanese traditional performing arts) [Add to Longdo]

CC-CEDICT CN-EN Dictionary
演艺[yǎn yì, / ] performing arts [Add to Longdo]
艺人[yì rén, / ] performing artist; actor [Add to Longdo]

実行側CMISEサービス利用者[じっこうがわCMISEサービスりようしゃ, jikkougawa CMISE sa-bisu riyousha] performing CMISE-service-user [Add to Longdo]
実行側応用エンティティ[じっこうがわおうようエンティティ, jikkougawaouyou enteitei] performing-application-entity [Add to Longdo]