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古书[gǔ shū, ㄍㄨˇ ㄕㄨ, / ] old book [Add to Longdo]

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In the ancient books, it's written that a warrior will draw a burning sword from the fire.[CN] 古书中写道: 一位勇士将于烈火中拔出燃烧之剑 The North Remembers (2012)
Amber means tears of a tiger in classical Chinese[CN] 我记得琥珀在古书里的意思,是老虎的眼泪 Oi chum mai (2014)
- Archaic books.[CN] 古书 Knights of Badassdom (2013)
There are certain ancient texts which refer to this geographic area...[CN] 有一定的古书 这是指该地理区域, The Pyramid (2014)
Better give me time to learn this ancient book.[CN] 不如让我来研究一下这本古书 The Dragon Pearl (2011)
In similar news, Japan has just announced it will return five ancient books to Korea.[CN] 类似的新闻还有,日本刚宣布 会把五本韩国古书归还给南韩 Chinese Zodiac (2012)
History books also say like that.[CN] 古书里是这么说的 The Dragon Pearl (2011)
I suggest you look carefully these ancient books.[CN] 我建议你好好看看那本古书 The Dragon Pearl (2011)
In India, they've uncovered all these ancient texts and documents that describe a flying spacecraft called a vimana.[CN] 在印度 出土的古书籍 和文献描述了一种被称作维摩那的外星飞船 Skinwalker Ranch (2013)
The expression of ink within a square implies a painting.[CN] 四方格中有古书,应是一幅古画 Switch (2013)
Dad you're not sure the book is the key to the tomb.[CN] 那你爸 确信那古书是进墓关键 The Dragon Pearl (2011)
Might just be hooey, some words written in an old book.[CN] 也许只是胡说 只是一本古书上的只字片语 Music of the Spheres (2012)

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