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ตัวอย่างประโยค จาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
Ah, that's right.อ๋อ... Poseidon (2011)
Ah, gladiators!อาโจน! Sacramentum (2012)
Ah, ah, ahAh ah ah Tina in the Sky with Diamonds (2013)
Ah, good.ก็ดี. Denial (2016)
Ah, my little Hynky! My dictator brother!อ้า เฮนเคิล ช้างน้อยของฉัน น้องร่วมอุดมการ The Great Dictator (1940)
Ah, Figaro.อา ฟิกาโร Pinocchio (1940)
Ah, Gideon, listen.อา กิเดโอน ฟัง หัวเราะร่าเริง Pinocchio (1940)
Ah, yes, Skinny, as I was saying to the Duchess only yesterday--อ่าใช่ผอมขณะที่ฉันกำลังบอก ว่า ดัชเชสเมื่อวานนี้เท่านั้น โอ! Pinocchio (1940)
Ah, yes.อ่าใช่ แล้วคุณ Pinocchio (1940)
Ah, there you are!อามีคุณ! Pinocchio (1940)
Ah, yes, on to the theatre!อ่าใช่ไปที่โรง ละคร! Pinocchio (1940)
- Ah, just for the fun of it. Okay, Lampy.เอาล่ะ แลมปี Pinocchio (1940)

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
ah, Ah, could it be you're embarrassed to be called by your first name?
ah, Ah, could we swap our mobile numbers next time?
ah, Ah, hold a mo. My shoe lace's come undone.
ah, Ah, if you can dub it, can I ask for a copy as well?
ah, Ah, I reckon you go straight down this prefectural road ...
ah, Ah, I've failed again!
ah, Ah, me!
ah, Ah, now I remember. I used a condom; something I rarely, or rather practically never, do. [ XXX ]
ah, Ah, sorry. Megumi, could you get me the conditioner?
ah, Ah, the phone card's already running out.. See you in half an hour.
ah, Ah, this hot water's good!
ah, Ah, unfortunately there is a small matter I need to attend to so I'll take my leave now.

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Ach, was soll's!Ah, what the heck! [Add to Longdo]

Result from Foreign Dictionaries (7 entries found)

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

  Ah \Ah\, interj. [OE. a: cf. OF. a, F. ah, L. ah, Gr. ?, Sk.
     [=a], Icel. [ae], OHG. [=a], Lith. ['a], ['a]['a].]
     An exclamation, expressive of surprise, pity, complaint,
     entreaty, contempt, threatening, delight, triumph, etc.,
     according to the manner of utterance.
     [1913 Webster]

From V.E.R.A. -- Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms (June 2013) [vera]:

         [IP] Authentication Header (IPSEC, IPV6, RFC 1826, VPN)

From Latin-English FreeDict Dictionary ver. 0.1.1 [fd-lat-eng]:

   ah; oh; ow

From Portuguese-English FreeDict Dictionary ver. 0.1.1 [fd-por-eng]:

   1. ah; oh; ow
   2. ah; aha

From Spanish-English FreeDict Dictionary ver. 0.1.1 [fd-spa-eng]:

   1. ah; aha(ha)
   2. oh(ho)

From Dutch-English Freedict Dictionary ver. 0.1.3 [fd-nld-eng]:

  ah /a/
   1. ah; oh; ow
   2. ah; aha

From French-English FreeDict Dictionary ver. 0.3.4 [fd-fra-eng]:

  ah /a/ 
   oh; ow; ah; aha

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