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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
[いんりょうすい, inryousui, inryousui , inryousui] (n)
[こぶし, けん, kobushi , ken] (n)
[ぷり (puri)] (n)
[べんきょう, benkyou, benkyou , benkyou] (n) See also: S. education
[ひるま , Hiruma, hiruma , Hiruma] See also: S. daytime
[guowang, (N.) king, chinese] (n) See also: S. 皇上, R. 皇上
[じゃね'jaane'จะ เนะ, jane jaane] (vi)
[Bernardo Allison, Bernardo Allison] (n, vi, vt, modal, ver) dearthfu erewhiles peduncle alberta ring palenque woodbined pyrgocephaly Witold Riedel 保証, See also: S. Evette Carr, A. Francis Montoya, R. Cora Santana
[ぜったい, zettai, zettai , zettai] (adj)
[こんにちは, konnichiwa, konnichiha , konnichiwa]
[ [きれい, kirei], [ kirei , kirei]] (n)
[こうしき, koushiki, koushiki , koushiki] (n, adj)
[のろい (noroi)] (adv)
[ とうさい, tousai] (n)
[chuang4 yi4, chuang4 yi4] (n)
[から, kara, kara , kara]
[T しゃつ, T shatsu]
[かいしゃいん, kaishain, kaishain , kaishain] (n)
[わたし, watashi, watashi , watashi]
[わたしたし, watashitashi, watashitashi , watashitashi] (n)
[あなた, anata, anata , anata] (n)
[あのひと, anohito, anohito , anohito] (n) See also: S. あの方
[あのかた, anokata, anokata , anokata] (n) See also: S. あの人
[みなさん, minasan, minasan , minasan] (n)
[さん, san, san , san] (n)
[ちゃん, chan, chan , chan] (n)
[くん, kun, kun , kun] (n)
[じん, jin, jin , jin] (n)
[せんせい, sensei, sensei , sensei] (n)
[きょうし, kyoushi, kyoushi , kyoushi] (n)
[がくせい, gakusei, gakusei , gakusei] (n)
[かいしゃいん, kaishain, kaishain , kaishain] (n)
[しゃいん, shain, shain , shain] (n)
[ぎんこういん, ginkouin, ginkouin , ginkouin] (n)
[いしゃ, isha, isha , isha] (n)
[けんきゅうしゃ, kenkyuusha, kenkyuusha , kenkyuusha] (n)
[えんじにあ, enjinia, enjinia , enjinia] (n)
[だいがく, daigaku, daigaku , daigaku] (n)
[びょういん, byouin, byouin , byouin] (n)
[でんき, denki, denki , denki] (n)
[どなた, donata, donata , donata] (n)
[さい, sai, sai , sai] (n)
[はい, hai, hai , hai] (n)
[なまえ, namae, namae , namae] (n)
[これ, kore, kore , kore] (n)
[それ, sore, sore , sore] (n)
[あれ, are, are , are] (n)
[ほん, hon, hon , hon] (n)
[ざっし, zasshi, zasshi , zasshi] (n)
[のうと, nouto, nouto , nouto] (n)

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