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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
入联[rù lián, ㄖㄨˋ ㄌㄧㄢˊ, / ] to join an alliance; admission to the United Nations [Add to Longdo]

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I wouldn't challenge the man who's going to lead California into the Union.[CN] 他要带领加州加入联 The Legend of Zorro (2005)
Welcome to The Alliance.[CN] 欢迎加入联 Trust Me (2002)
If they think that I failed to carry out the one condition of my admittance, that I have been betraying them the whole time, then they'd be forced to assume that my entire division is rogue.[CN] 如果他们觉得我无法实现 我加入联盟的约定 觉得我一直在背叛他们 那会迫使他们认为我整个部门都是骗徒 Salvation (2002)
When a man joins the bureau, he takes an oath to uphold certain values.[CN] 我在加入联邦调查局时 便发誓要襄恪守道德约束 Episode #1.7 (1990)
How do we do it?[CN] 我们坐在这里 都是为了推动 We're all here to ensure safe passage 希顿·哈里斯反枪支法案顺利收入联邦法律 of the Heaton -Harris Bill into Federal law. Miss Sloane (2016)
Could be you had different reasons.[CN] 我加入联邦调查局是为了拯救生命的 I joined the Bureau to save lives. Undercover! (2016)
I started out CBI, made the jump to the federal side about the same time as Cho.[CN] 我起初是加州调查局的 差不多 I started out CBI, made the jump 跟Cho是同时加入联邦调查局的 to the federal side about the same time as Cho. Brown Shag Carpet (2015)
We are proud to have a military of excellence among us.[CN] 欢迎加入联邦灯塔部门 The Light Between Oceans (2016)
You work for a few years, get a trade, become a skilled laborer... and then you can join the union... and you can get some family health benefits.[CN] 你工作几年,找一份职业成为一个有技能的劳动者 然后你可以加入联盟 你可以得到一些家庭健康利益 Witness Protection (1999)
I was a state trooper before the government got me. Wait.[CN] 十年前我进入联邦政府工作前 我也干过地方警察 Absolute Power (1997)
1960[CN] 1960年,日本获准加入联合国 2009: Lost Memories (2002)
He, um, invited me to join the FBI.[CN] 他 邀我加入联调局 Shadow Box (2012)
In order to legitimize the presence of Mussolini and Hitler the political establishment places them within coalition governments.[CN] 为了正当化墨索里尼和希特勒的存在, 政治体制将他们置入联合政府中。  ()
Before finding my way to the FBI,[CN] 我加入联邦调查局之前 Point Break (2015)
We talked about your impression But this is a new equipment?[CN] ... 就是你的这身新打扮 我期待能够加入联邦议会 Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (2007)
After that, I left the D.A... and joined the fbi.[CN] 之后我便辞了职,加入联邦密探 The Cell (2000)
Are you planning to play in the Ivy League?[CN] 你会计划加入联盟吗? Varsity Blues (1999)
This past summer, when I was initiated into The Alliance, a device was implanted into my neck.[CN] 今年夏天 在我刚加入联盟的时候 我的脖子里被安装了一个装置 The Getaway (2003)
I just need to connect to the federal database[CN] 我只需要接入联邦数据库 I just need to connect to the federal database. Protect Them from the Truth (2010)
But Officer Banton said the only way into the sorority house last night was through the front door and anyone who went in or out was caught on camera.[CN] 但是Banton警官说 昨晚唯一出入联谊会的通道 得穿过前门 每个进出的人会都被镜头记录 The Recruits (2014)
But all this land is a federally protected reserve, part of Katmai National Park.[CN] 但这里所有土地都是纳入联邦保护权力范围 卡特迈国家公园的一部分 Grizzly Man (2005)
He also says we cannot enter alliances until we know the designs of our neighbors.[CN] 他还表示 在了解我们盟友的真实动机之前 {\b0\shad1\fs14\fn微软雅黑\3cH202020}He also says we cannot enter alliances 不能轻易加入联盟 晚安 {\b0\shad1\fs14\fn微软雅黑\3cH202020}until we know the designs of our neighbors. Van Wilder: Freshman Year (2009)
How does a guy go from infantry grunt with less than stellar marks to the gulf 1,special ops,to the federal bureau of investigations,leading the largest manhunt this country's ever seen?[CN] 一个肩膀上只有一个星的步兵 怎么能进入联邦调查局,追踪全国最大的案子? Dead Fall (2006)
They will cross the Federation border in less than an hour.[CN] 一小时内将进入联邦领区 Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
I listed morelli as armed and dangerous.[CN] 我把Morelli描述为有武器 十分危险 还要加入联邦通缉令中吗? Kill Jill (2010)
Once California joins the Union, the Confederate states'll be outnumbered.[CN] 加州加入联邦 南军将处弱势 The Legend of Zorro (2005)
Maybe you should join a sorority.[CN] 也许你应该 加入联谊会。 The Day After (2002)
Well, you know, some people like to join a guild.[CN] 有的人喜欢加入联 ...Then I'll Know (2015)
Welcome to The Alliance.[CN] 欢迎加入联 Cipher (2002)
When I joined the F.B.I., this was one of the cases John and I investigated together.[CN] 我加入联邦调查局的时候 这是我和John一起调查的首批案子之一 The Same Old Story (2008)
I don't need it to get into Quantico.[CN] 我又不是要进入联调局基地 Black Badge (2013)
I lied to everyone else because if I didn't they wouldn't let me anywhere near the UN, and that's the only place that I believe has a chance to change any of this.[CN] 我向其他人说谎 好进入联合国 那是我唯一相信 能改变这整件事情的地方 The Interpreter (2005)
While baby face refused to join the union.[CN] 没有系紧的安全带是毫无用处的 然而 娃娃脸拒绝加入联合会 1 (2013)
Did you know that in New York, a person may not walk around on Sundays with an ice cream cone in his pocket, still?[CN] 加入联邦调查局之后我犯过的罪 不过要我说 现在也有 In my defence, there are a lot 很多奇奇怪怪的法律 of ridiculous laws still on the books. Stop Me Before I Hug Again (2016)
You were the one who decided you wanted to be a part of this.[CN] 是你自己要加入联盟的 IX. (2015)
Kalinda, I asked you to join me at the FBI.[CN] Kalinda 我邀你加入联邦调查局 Blue Ribbon Panel (2012)
If you leave this apartment for any reason without my say so, and you'll be remanded into federal custody and forfeit $10 million bail.[CN] 如果你没有我的许可以任何理由离开这公寓, If you leave this apartment for any reason without my say so, 你会被押入联邦羁押所 and you'll be remanded into federal custody 没收1000万美元的保释金。 Tower Heist (2011)
I'm gonna try and hack into the FBI servers and alter the DNA results electronically.[CN] 我试试能否进入联调局的服务器 在系统中更改DNA结果 Space (I Believe In) (2013)
So,I just started to believe them.[CN] 所以我开始相信她们 不 并不是我不想你加入联谊会 Greek Tragedy (2009)
Now, we've found out Bank is tapped into the federal fingerprint database.[CN] 班克侵入联邦指纹资料库 Oceans (1998)
Are you really suggesting we break into the united nations?[CN] 你们真的是在建议 我们闯入联合国大楼吗? Allegiance (2014)
G - Force, your funding has been restored. Welcome to the FBI.[CN] 特工队,你们的资金恢复了 欢迎加入联邦调查局 G-Force (2009)
- Here.[CN] -进入联合国工作 The Interpreter (2005)
He cleaned up after I joined the Bureau.[CN] 我加入联邦调查局后 他就戒了 He cleaned up after I joined the Bureau. Pilot (2015)
Like how an NYPD detective got aced out of the FBI because she keeps bad company, how about that?[CN] 比如说一名纽约警探无法进入联调局 就因为择友不当 这话题怎么样 Proteus (2013)
I'm going with the feds.[CN] 我将加入联邦调查局 Harsh Times (2005)
tell me why-why would a guy... who writes a thesis on an international spy... join the Bureau and not Central Intelligence?[CN] 告诉我 你一个 写过国际罪犯论文的人 为何加入联邦调查局 而不是中情局呢 The Double (2011)
If you link any deeper with me, you'll die.[CN] 再深入联网下去,你会死的 Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG - Individual Eleven (2006)
I'm rescinding your offer to join the Bureau.[CN] 我要撤销让你加入联邦警局的邀请 Booked Solid (2013)
The money that came into the game.[CN] 大量资金涌入联赛 变得越来越好 The Class of 92 (2013)

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