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产卵[chǎn luǎn, ㄔㄢˇ ㄌㄨㄢˇ, / ] lay (an egg), #28,636 [Add to Longdo]

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Silver bodies transfiguring for the act of spawning... a phenomenal sense of smell guiding them... they sweep into Alaska by the millions in a vast flood of life.[CN] 盈亮的身体为了产卵而变形,非凡的嗅觉引导它们 在生命循环的驱使下,成千上万的鲑鱼 涌入阿拉斯加 Alaska: Spirit of the Wild (1998)
Maybe it's all you know how to do: Lay eggs![CN] 你只知道产卵 Arsène Lupin (2004)
So how are you going to keep it from laying eggs in other people?[CN] 那么你会如此防止它 ... 在其他人身上产卵呢 ? InAlienable (2007)
These are choker squid, and they lay their egg capsules in sandy shallows bathed by the warmer Agulhas Current.[CN] 这是宽褶鱿鱼 它们在厄加勒斯暖流经过的砂质浅海处产卵 The Shallow Seas (2006)
It is the time of spawning.[CN] 现在正是产卵 The Silent World (1956)
I mean... how'd the laying go?[CN] 我是说... 产卵怎么样了? I mean... Never Kill a Boy on the First Date (1997)
It seems there's a river where some salmon spawn.[CN] 好象河里有三文鱼产卵 Catch and Release (2004)
Most green turtles lay their eggs on these shores during the warmer season when the Humboldt current slackens[CN] 大部分绿龟等到暖季才在海岸上产卵 这个时候洪堡洋流已经减弱 Forces of Change (2006)
More than 2 hours to put all the eggs.[CN] 直到产卵结束为止,要花两个多小时 The Silent World (1956)
Powerful instincts have brought them back to lay and fertilize the eggs of the next generation.[CN] 强烈的直觉本能驱使鲑鱼回来 产卵、受精,孕育下一代 Alaska: Spirit of the Wild (1998)
So, of course, all you could think of was spawning.[CN] 那个,肯定了 你满脑子回游产卵 Episode #2.8 (1990)
Now, they lay eggs.[CN] 然后再产卵 The Silent World (1956)
She's now forced to look elsewhere[CN] 现在只能去寻找别的产卵 Forces of Change (2006)
After mating, the adults lay their eggs and then their job is done.[CN] 成蝉在交配完并产卵后,它们的工作也完成了 Seasonal Forests (2006)
- It's an insect that laid eggs.[CN] - 一只会产卵的昆虫 A Sound of Thunder (2005)
It is a very Painful work and very long.[CN] 产卵是很痛苦的,而且还要花很长时间 The Silent World (1956)
But the only other suitable sites on Fernandina lie deep within this giant caldera half a mile down[CN] 但费尔南迪纳剩下唯一的合适产卵地 却是在巨大的火山口里面 深达半英里的地方 Forces of Change (2006)
Produce ova?[CN] 可以产卵 ? InAlienable (2007)
A female sargeant major lays her eggs on the rocks and the male spends weeks guarding his nest until the eggs hatch chasing off everything else that wants a snack[CN] 一母少校鱼在石头上产卵,努力驱逐每一个掠食者 Ocean Oasis (2000)
The Lepidoptera...[CN] 并在它皮下产卵 鳞翅目... Body of Love (1972)
They're spawning.[CN] 它们在产卵 Episode #2.2 (2008)
My misguided spawn.[CN] 我误导产卵 2001 Maniacs (2005)
She moves him away from his rivals to a quieter spot - a place where she will be able to lay her eggs in safety.[CN] 它带公乌贼离开对手 来到较安静的地点 它将能在这里安全产卵 Creatures of the Deep (2009)
It's delayed spawning.[CN] 导致了它们的产卵期延后三周 The Secret Life of Words (2005)
"The California mantis lays her eggs and then finds a mate to fertilise them."[CN] 加利福尼亚螳螂产卵后 会找配偶使它们受精" "The California mantis lays her eggs and then finds a mate to fertilise them. Teacher's Pet (1997)
But during the nesting season, females must brave it inland to find soft soil in which to lay their eggs[CN] 但是在产卵期 雌性海鬣蜥必须到内陆 找一块松软的地方产卵 Born of Fire (2006)
across the rolling landscape, the temperature falls, plummeting to extremes of minus-80 degrees fahrenheit.[CN] 鸭子和棕熊把握最后机会猎食产卵石蛾 Kamtschatka (2009)
With females continuing to lay eggs and males still preoccupied with repelling rivals, the squid drop their guard.[CN] 雌鱿鱼继续产卵 雄鱿鱼则忙于击退竞争对手而放松了警惕 The Shallow Seas (2006)
Fish from the ocean will come to this estuary to spawn.[CN] 海洋里的鱼类将会到河口湾去产卵 Aftermath: Population Zero (2008)
Across the northern hemisphere salmon, returning from the ocean to their spawning grounds, battle their way for hundreds of miles upstream.[CN] 鲑鱼穿越整个北半球, 从海洋回到它们的产卵地 奋力逆流而上数百英里 Fresh Water (2006)
They lay their eggs on land but they hunt here in the water.[CN] 它们在陆地上产卵,在水里捕食 The Shallow Seas (2006)
They breed in the crawlspaces in the conduits the very core of the building itself.[CN] 它们在狭小的空间里产卵... 在水管里... 还有建筑物的核心 Creepshow (1982)
Tonight, in the Gulf of Mexico, on the flower garden banks the entire coral reef will spawn.[CN] 今晚,在墨西哥湾,在花园海岸 整个珊瑚礁将会产卵 Deep Sea (2006)
The annual arrival of spawning salmon brings huge quantities of food into these high rivers that normally struggle to support much life.[CN] 鲑鱼每年都会到河里产卵 于是这些平常只能勉强维持众多动物生计的 高山河流终于有了提供饕餮大餐的机会 Fresh Water (2006)
It then lays its eggs inside its victim"s body.[CN] 然后它将在动弹不得的受害者 身上产卵 The Nest (2002)
Living in such a humid environment, means jungle frogs are less tied to puddles and pools and these even lay their eggs out of water.[CN] 在这种潮湿的环境下生活 使得树蛙可以摆脱水塘的束缚 因此它们无需在水中产卵 Jungles (2006)
Don't let the bedbugs bite or creep into your ear and lay eggs in your brain.[CN] 小心别让臭虫咬到 或者钻进你的耳朵里 然后在你的脑袋里产卵 The Ant Bully (2006)
The females swim into the orifices of a host to lay their eggs on membranous tissue.[CN] 女性内游泳 一个主机的孔 产卵 一个膜组织。 Mindwarp (1992)
The doctor examines it and says a maggot must've laid eggs in the dog's butt.[CN] 医生检查后说蛆在狗肛门里产卵 Addicted to Love (1997)
at this height, the sheep live beyond the reach of most predators.[CN] 石蛾只有约1周寿命 死前必须尽快在湖面产卵 Kamtschatka (2009)
when and if these waters fill with thousands of salmon struggling upstream, a bear might catch and eat a salmon every 20 minutes... or about 90 pounds of fish in a single day.[CN] 蝶螈会进入冰冷河水交配产卵 然后再次进入冰冻状态 西伯利亚蝾螈是世上少数 能在冰冻后存活的物种 Kamtschatka (2009)
But suitable sites are few and far between and the best, warmed by fumaroles[CN] 但合适的产卵地很少 即使有也在很远 最合适的产卵地是被火山烟孔 熏热的地方 Forces of Change (2006)
Neithera predatorsince it only kills to house its offspring, nora genuine parasite, the pepsis is a member of the parasitoid family.[CN] 它在猎物的身上产卵,置它们于死地 因此严格来说它并不属于寄生虫, 而应称为拟寄生 The Nest (2002)
But look-- it is set to 72o-- optimum spawning temperature.[CN] 但是请看 它被调成了72华氏度... 最佳的产卵温度 A Job for Robert (2004)
The females spawn the eggs.[CN] 母的产卵. Reign of Fire (2002)
This is not a spawning pool. I want discipline.[CN] 这不是产卵池 我要的是纪律 Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987)
Look, there's no evidence that Benjamin is even capable of laying eggs.[CN] 听着 , 並没有证据证明本杰明能产卵 InAlienable (2007)
It's like fly fishing in the data stream, choosing a spot by spawning behavior, selecting the right bait, a method in which we were able to cast our rod in the spot we wanted and catch the exact type of fish we needed.[CN] 好比在数据流中的动态捕获 根据产卵情况选择一个合适的地点 挑选正确的诱饵 Take Out (2007)
Every pregnant female needs to find a patch of volcanic ash in which to lay her eggs[CN] 怀孕的雌鬣蜥需要找 有火山灰的地方产卵 Forces of Change (2006)
Or a spawning salmon... find the very source of his birth... from the cold, black depth of the mysterious sea?[CN] 又或者产卵的鲑鱼 在又冷又深的神秘海洋中 找到它们的出生地? Legend (1985)

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