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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
一日[ついたち, tsuitachi] (n) วันที่หนึ่งของเดือน

Japanese-Thai-English: Saikam Dictionary
一日[ついたち, tsuitachi] Thai: วันที่หนึ่งของเดือน English: first day of month
一日[いちにち, ichinichi] Thai: หนึ่งวัน English: one day

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
"100% virtue and three square meals a day!"[CN] 美德和一日三餐 Design for Living (1933)
I just don't like anybody running out on me twice in the same day.[JA] 一日に二度も 人に逃げられるのは嫌なの Kansas City Confidential (1952)
Sometimes one day and sometimes one year.[JA] 一日だったり... 一年だったり Scarlet Street (1945)
Immorality may be fun, but not fun enough... to take the place of 100% virtue and three square meals a day![CN] 不道德的行为或许很刺激 但也不能取代 美德和一日三餐 Design for Living (1933)
You can't imagine. I'd like to do whatever I liked, the whole day long.[JA] あなたには想像できないわ 一日中なんでも好きなことをするのよ! Roman Holiday (1953)
But someday I'll try it again.[CN] But someday I'll try it again. 不行,先生,办不到 不过有朝一日我会再试一次 Strange Cargo (1940)
In fact, when I paint I never think of the money.[JA] 僕にとって 絵が最高の楽しみさ 一日中 描きたいくらいさ Scarlet Street (1945)
Immortality may be fun... but it's not fun enough to take the place of 100% virtue... and three square meals a day."'[CN] 不道德的行为或许很刺激 但也不能取代美德 和一日三餐 Design for Living (1933)
Three square meals a day... and Bassington exits.[CN] 一日三餐 巴星顿下 Design for Living (1933)
Since June 11 this year, when the first negotiation...[CN] 自從今年六月十一日, 我們兩個公司之間... Grand Hotel (1932)
You've spent the whole day doing things I've always wanted to. Why?[JA] 私のやりたかったことに 一日中つきあってくれたのは なぜ? Roman Holiday (1953)
Live dangerously, take the whole day.[JA] ハデに行こうよ 丸一日使って Roman Holiday (1953)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
一日[ついたち, tsuitachi] ein_Tag [Add to Longdo]
一日[ついたち, tsuitachi] ein_Tag [Add to Longdo]
一日[ついたち, tsuitachi] 1.(Tag e.Monats), ein_Tag [Add to Longdo]

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