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English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
grapple(แกรพ'เพิล) n. ตะขอ,ที่จับ,การจับ,การคว้า,การชกกัน. vt. จับ,คว้า,ยึด. vi. ยึดด้วยตะขอ,ใช้ตะขอ,ยึด,จับ,ต่อสู้. n.

English-Thai: Nontri Dictionary
grapple(vt) ยึดแน่น,ต่อสู้,สู้ประชิดตัว

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ผจญ[v.] (phajon) EN: struggle ; grapple ; come to grips with ; brave ; risk   FR: combattre ; se battre ; lutter contre ; affronter ; braver ; faire face à
ปล้ำ[v.] (plam) EN: struggle (with) ; wrestle (with) ; grapple (with) ; fight   FR: lutter au corps à corps

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
四つに組む[よつにくむ, yotsunikumu] (exp,v5m) to come to grapples with [Add to Longdo]
取っ組み合い[とっくみあい, tokkumiai] (n) grapple; scuffle [Add to Longdo]
取り付く;取りつく;取付く[とりつく, toritsuku] (v5k,vi) (1) to cling to; to hold on to; to hold fast to; (2) to grapple; (3) to set about doing; to begin; to commence; to undertake; (4) (of a demon, thought, emotion, etc.) (See 取り憑く・とりつく) to take hold of; to possess; to haunt; (5) to obtain a clue; to get a lead [Add to Longdo]
組み合う[くみあう, kumiau] (v5u,vi) to form a partnership or association; to join together; to grapple with [Add to Longdo]
組み付く;組みつく;組付く[くみつく, kumitsuku] (v5k) to grapple; to wrestle [Add to Longdo]
組む[くむ, kumu] (v5m) (1) to cross (legs or arms); to link (arms); (2) to put together; to construct; to assemble; to produce (e.g. TV program); (3) to braid; to plait; (4) to grapple; to wrestle; (5) to unite; to link up; to form an alliance; (6) to set (e.g. type); (7) to issue (e.g. money order); (P) [Add to Longdo]
組んず解れつ[くんずほぐれつ, kunzuhoguretsu] (exp,adj-no) (uk) locked in a grapple [Add to Longdo]
組んづ解れつ[くんづほぐれつ, kunduhoguretsu] (exp,adj-no) (uk) (See 組んず解れつ) locked in a grapple [Add to Longdo]
掴み合う[つかみあう, tsukamiau] (v5u,vi) to grapple [Add to Longdo]

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