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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
DNS[ディーエヌエス, dei-enuesu] (n) {comp} DNS; Domain Name System [Add to Longdo]
SNS[エスエヌエス, esuenuesu] (n) social networking service; SNS [Add to Longdo]
エーエヌエス[, e-enuesu] (n) {comp} ANS [Add to Longdo]
エヌエスエーピーアイ[, enuesue-pi-ai] (n) {comp} NSAPI [Add to Longdo]
エヌエスエフネット[, enuesuefunetto] (n) {comp} NSFnet [Add to Longdo]
エヌエスピー[, enuesupi-] (n) {comp} NSP [Add to Longdo]
エヌエスピーアイエックスピー[, enuesupi-aiekkusupi-] (n) {comp} NSPIXP [Add to Longdo]
暗中模索;暗中摸索[あんちゅうもさく, anchuumosaku] (n,vs) groping in the dark; exploring new avenues without having any clues [Add to Longdo]
税収入[ぜいしゅうにゅう, zeishuunyuu] (n) tax revenue; tax revenues [Add to Longdo]
銭勘定[ぜにかんじょう, zenikanjou] (n) counting the revenues and expenditures; counting the gains and losses [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
エーエヌエス[えーえぬえす, e-enuesu] ANS [Add to Longdo]
ディーエヌエス[でいーえぬえす, dei-enuesu] DNS [Add to Longdo]
エヌエスエーピーアイ[えぬえすえーぴーあい, enuesue-pi-ai] NSAPI [Add to Longdo]
エヌエスピーアイエックスピー[えぬえすぴーあいえっくすぴー, enuesupi-aiekkusupi-] NSPIXP [Add to Longdo]
エヌエスピー[えぬえすぴー, enuesupi-] NSP [Add to Longdo]
エヌエスエフネット[えぬえすえふねっと, enuesuefunetto] NSFnet [Add to Longdo]

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