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CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
Montserrat    (n) (m o2 n t s @ r a1 t)
Montserratian    (n) (m o2 n t s @ r a1 sh @ n)
Montserratians    (n) (m o2 n t s @ r a1 sh @ n z)

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Montserrattrupial [ornith.]Montserrat Oriole [Add to Longdo]
Montserrat [geogr.]Montserrat (ms) [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
クロモンツキ[, kuromontsuki] (n) epaulette surgeonfish (Acanthurus nigricauda, Indo-Pacific species of tang); blackstreak surgeonfish [Add to Longdo]
コモンツパイ[, komontsupai] (n) (See ツパイ) common tree shrew (Tupaia glis) [Add to Longdo]
モンセラー[, monsera-] (n) Montserrat [Add to Longdo]
モンツキアカヒメジ[, montsukiakahimeji] (n) yellowstripe goatfish (Mulloidichthys flavolineatus) [Add to Longdo]
モンツキダラ[, montsukidara] (n) haddock [Add to Longdo]
モンツキテンジクザメ[, montsukitenjikuzame] (n) speckled carpetshark (Hemiscyllium trispeculare, species from northern Australia) [Add to Longdo]
モンツキテンジクザメ属[モンツキテンジクザメぞく, montsukitenjikuzame zoku] (n) Hemiscyllium (genus of longtail carpet sharks in the family Hemiscylliidae with short snouts, nostrils at the tip, and elevated eyes and supraorbital ridges) [Add to Longdo]
モンツキハギ[, montsukihagi] (n) orangespot surgeonfish (Acanthurus olivaceus, species of tang found from the eastern Indian Ocean to the Pacific); orangeband surgeonfish [Add to Longdo]
モンツキベラ[, montsukibera] (n) Diana's hogfish (Bodianus diana); Bodianus dictynna (separate species from B. diana since 2006) [Add to Longdo]
黒紋付き[くろもんつき, kuromontsuki] (n) black crested haori [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
蒙特塞拉特[Méng tè sāi lā tè, ㄇㄥˊ ㄊㄜˋ ㄙㄞ ㄌㄚ ㄊㄜˋ, ] Montserrat [Add to Longdo]

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