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German-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
müde(adj) ง่วง , See also: schläfrig
müde(adj) เหนื่อย ล้า, See also: die Müdigket

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
müde {adv}tiredly; wearily [Add to Longdo]
müde werden; ermüdento get tired [Add to Longdo]
müde {adj} | müder | am müdestentired | more tired | most tired [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
BMD[ビーエムディー, bi-emudei-] (n) ballistic missile defense; BMD [Add to Longdo]
MD[エムディー, emudei-] (n) (1) (See ミニディスク) minidisc; MD; (2) missile defense; MD; (3) magnetic disk; MD; (4) (See マーチャンダイジング) merchandising [Add to Longdo]
TMD[ティーエムディー, tei-emudei-] (n) theater missile defense; TMD [Add to Longdo]
エーエムディーケーシックス[, e-emudei-ke-shikkusu] (n) {comp} AMD-K6 [Add to Longdo]
エーエムディーケーセブン[, e-emudei-ke-sebun] (n) {comp} AMD-K7 [Add to Longdo]
コムデックス[, komudekkusu] (n) {comp} COMDEX [Add to Longdo]
システムデータ[, shisutemude-ta] (n) {comp} system data [Add to Longdo]
システムディスク[, shisutemudeisuku] (n) {comp} system disk [Add to Longdo]
システムデザイナー[, shisutemudezaina-] (n) systems designer [Add to Longdo]
システムデザイン[, shisutemudezain] (n) systems design [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
システムデータ[しすてむでーた, shisutemude-ta] system data [Add to Longdo]
プログラムデータ[ぷろぐらむでーた, puroguramude-ta] program data [Add to Longdo]
プログラムディレクター[ぷろぐらむでいれくたー, puroguramudeirekuta-] program director, PD [Add to Longdo]
エーエムディーケーシックス[えーえむでいーけーしっくす, e-emudei-ke-shikkusu] AMD-K6 [Add to Longdo]
エーエムディーケーセブン[えーえむでいーけーせぶん, e-emudei-ke-sebun] AMD-K7 [Add to Longdo]
コムデックス[こむでっくす, komudekkusu] COMDEX [Add to Longdo]
エムディー[えむでいー, emudei-] MD [Add to Longdo]

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From German-English Freedict dictionary [fd-deu-eng]:

  müde [myːdə]
     tired; waery; wearily; weary

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