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Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
ชื่น[adj.] (cheūn) EN: cheerful ; happy ; merry ; joyful ; delighted ; glad ; cheering ; pleased ; cheering ; refreshing   FR: content ; heureux ; enchanté ; gai ; enjoué ; ravi ; jovial ; réjoui ; joyeux ; agréable ; plaisant ; réjouissant
ชื่นชม[v.] (cheūnchom) EN: admire ; look up to ; gloat over ; praise ; commend ; eulogize ; appreciate ; laud   FR: admirer ; apprécier ; louanger ; se réjouir
กามตัณหา[n.] (kāmmatanhā) EN: sensuality ; sexual desire ; lust ; carnal desire ; lasciviousness ; concupiscence   FR: volupté [f] ; jouissance [f] ; sensualité [f] ; plaisir charnel [m] ; lascivité = lasciveté [f] ; concupiscence [f]
ลอยนวล[v.] (løinūan) EN: be at large ; be free   FR: jouir de l'impunité
เพลิดเพลิน[adj.] (phloētphloēn) FR: distrayant ; divertissant ; plaisant ; réjouissant
ปลาบปลื้ม[v.] (plāppleūm) EN: be thrilled ; be exulted ; rejoice ; be delighted ; be pleased ; be glad ; joy ; exult   FR: être ravi ; être enchanté ; se réjouir
ร่า[adj.] (rā) EN: happy ; joyful ; rejoicing ; smiling all over   FR: heureux ; réjoui ; gai
ร่าเริง[v.] (rāroēng) EN: be in high spirits ; rejoice ; make merry   FR: se réjouir
สนุก[adj.] (sanuk) EN: pleasant ; funny ; fun ; entertaining ; amusing ; vivacious ; diverting ; enjoyable;   FR: plaisant ; agréable ; amusant ; réjouissant ; divertissant ; distrayant

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
一上一下[いちじょういちげ, ichijouichige] (n,vs) up and down [Add to Longdo]
感情移入[かんじょういにゅう, kanjouinyuu] (n,adj-no) empathy [Add to Longdo]
騎乗位[きじょうい, kijoui] (n) (vulg) sexual position where the man lies flat on his back and the woman sits on top; cowgirl position [Add to Longdo]
議会上院[ぎかいじょういん, gikaijouin] (n) (See 議会下院) upper house; senate [Add to Longdo]
勤王攘夷;勤皇攘夷[きんのうじょうい, kinnoujoui] (n) loyalty to the emperor and expulsion of the foreigners [Add to Longdo]
群青色[ぐんじょういろ, gunjouiro] (n,adj-no) ultramarine colour (color) [Add to Longdo]
現状維持[げんじょういじ, genjouiji] (n) maintenance of the status quo [Add to Longdo]
最上位[さいじょうい, saijoui] (n,adj-no) {comp} high-end; high-order [Add to Longdo]
最上位のビット[さいじょういのビット, saijouino bitto] (n) most significant bit; MSB [Add to Longdo]
最上位ビット[さいじょういビット, saijoui bitto] (n) {comp} most significant bit; MSB [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
最上位[さいじょうい, saijoui] high-end (a-no), high-order [Add to Longdo]
最上位のビット[さいじょういのビット, saijouino bitto] MSB, most significant bit [Add to Longdo]
最上位ビット[さいじょういビット, saijoui bitto] most significant bit (MSB) [Add to Longdo]
上位[じょうい, joui] superior (rank not class), higher order (e.g. byte), host computer (of connected device) [Add to Longdo]
上位グループ[じょういグループ, joui guru-pu] ancestor [Add to Longdo]
上位ダイアログ[じょういダイアログ, joui daiarogu] superior dialogue [Add to Longdo]
上位概念[じょういがいねん, jouigainen] high level concept, broader term [Add to Longdo]
上位機種[じょういきしゅ, jouikishu] high-end equipment [Add to Longdo]
上位互換[じょういごかん, jouigokan] upwardly compatible [Add to Longdo]
上位語[じょういご, jouigo] broader term [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
上位[じょうい, joui] Vorrang [Add to Longdo]
冗員[じょういん, jouin] ueberfluessiger_Beamter [Add to Longdo]
剰員[じょういん, jouin] ueberzaehliges_Personal [Add to Longdo]

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