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Government employee by day, renegade foodie by night.พนักงานรัฐบาลตอนกลางวัน คิดวิธีทำอาหารตอนกลางคืน Julie & Julia (2009)
I was just trying to feed hungry foodies.ผมแค่พยายามจะช่วยผู้ที่ไม่มีอันจะกิน Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts (2011)
"like--like the fact that I'm a foodie,"อย่าง--อย่างความจริงที่ว่า ฉันชอบทำอาหาร" Meet the New Boss (2012)
We could give up on our foodie experiment and go to my favorite falafel place.เราหนีจากอาหารตัวอย่างพวกนี้ แล้วไปที่ร้านโปรดของฉัน Til Death (2012)
You're not much of a foodie, are you?คุณไม่เซียนเรื่องอาหารสินะ ? Virtual Reality Bites (2015)
What are you gonna do? I'm a foodie.ห้ามได้ไง ข้ามันสายกิน The Angry Birds Movie (2016)
Hi there, I'm Mr. Foodie.Hallo. Ich bin Mr. Foodie. You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
Foodies, we're a store with foodFoodies, der Laden mit Lebensmitteln You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
All right, Foodie, now what are you gonna do here?In Ordnung, Foodie. Und wie lösen wir das Problem? You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
No, I meant, fair for Foodies.Nein, das wäre nicht fair für Foodies. You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
The Foodies cart stunk.Die Wagen von Foodies taugen nichts. You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
Yeah, you did. - Mr. Foodie, a ruling, please.- Mr. Foodie, wir brauchen Sie. You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
It says "We love Foodies" right on the side.Hier steht: "Wir lieben Foodies." You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
Get these people a regulation Foodies cart.Geben Sie den Herrschaften einen normalen Foodies Wagen. You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
Now it's time to announce the celebrity host of the Foodies millionth-customer competition.Wir verkünden nun, wer der Gastgeber... des Foodies Kunden-Wettbewerb sein wird. You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
Ladies and gentlemen it's certainly a pleasure to be here at Foodies the store with great food and super- low prices.Meine Damen und Herren... es ist mir eine Freude, hier bei Foodies sein zu dürfen... der Laden mit dem besten Essen und den niedrigsten Preisen. You Better Shop Around: Part 2 (1991)
-How you doing, Foodio?- Wie geht's dir, Foodio? Big Girls Don't Cry (2000)
Foodio.Foodio. Big Girls Don't Cry (2000)
Foodies, help me!Foodies, helft mir! The Food Wife (2011)
Foodies, heed my call!Foodies, beherzigt meinen Aufruf! The Food Wife (2011)
They're foodies.Das sind Foodies. The Food Wife (2011)
Aw, come on, Dad, be a foodie.Ach, komm schon Dad, sei ein Foodie. The Food Wife (2011)
♪ Throwing down mad foodie game ♪ ♪ Knowing all the chefs' names ♪# Throwing down mad foodie game # # Knowing all the chefs' names # The Food Wife (2011)
I guess Fun Dad is a foodie now.Ich schätze, Fun Dad ist jetzt ein Foodie. The Food Wife (2011)
Fun Dad is a foodie now!Fun Dad ist jetzt ein Foodie! The Food Wife (2011)
Freaky foodies.Freaky Foodies. EscApe from New York (2014)
Rachel's a foodie, too. And only a fluffy frittata will she abide.Rachel ist auch ein Foodie, und sie duldet nur eine fluffige Frittata. From Instinct to Rational Control (2016)

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Feinschmecker {m}; Feinschmeckerin {f}foodie [Add to Longdo]

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