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English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
excitern. ผู้เร้า,สิ่งเร้า,ตัวกำเนิดไฟฟ้า

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
อ้างอิง[v.] (āng-ing) EN: refer (to) ; cite ; quote ; consult ; claim ; allege   FR: citer ; se référer (à)
อ้างถึง[v.] (āng theung) EN: refer to ; cite   FR: se référer à ; citer
อธิบาย[v.] (athibāi) EN: explain ; expound ; describe ; elucidate ; interpret ; illustrate   FR: expliquer ; décrire ; commenter ; exposer ; expliciter
ชักนำ[v.] (chaknam) EN: lead ; induce ; guide ; persuade ; draw   FR: inciter ; tenter
เชิญชวน[v.] (choēnchūan) EN: invite ; persuade ; induce ; ask   FR: inviter ; inciter
เดินคาถา[v.] (doēnkhāthā) EN: chant continuously ; recite the text of a prayer   FR:citer des litanies
ดลใจ[v.] (donjai) EN: inspire ; motivate ; cause ; influence ; spur   FR: inspirer ; susciter ; motiver
ฟื้น[v.] (feūn) EN: regain consciousness ; recover ; revive ; recuperate   FR: se remettre ; se rétablir ; récupérer ; reprendre conscience ; reprendre connaissance ; ressusciter ; revivre
จูง[v.] (jūng) EN: induce ; persuade ; influence ; advise   FR: inciter
จูงใจ[v.] (jūngjai) EN: persuade ; induce ; influence ; sway   FR: inciter ; persuader ; influencer ; convaincre ; entraîner ; incliner ; prédisposer

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
丸本[まるぼん;まるほん, marubon ; maruhon] (n) reciter's book; complete set of books [Add to Longdo]
義太夫語り[ぎだゆうかたり, gidayuukatari] (n) gidayuu reciter [Add to Longdo]
語り手[かたりて, katarite] (n) speaker; narrator; reciter; (P) [Add to Longdo]
浄瑠璃語り;浄瑠璃語(io)[じょうるりかたり, joururikatari] (n) (See 浄瑠璃) joruri reciter [Add to Longdo]
法華八講[ほっけはっこう, hokkehakkou] (n) Buddhist service in which the eight scrolls of the Lotus Sutra are read one scroll at a time (one morning and one evening reading each day for four days with a different reciter each time) [Add to Longdo]
励磁機[れいじき, reijiki] (n) exciter [Add to Longdo]
励振管[れいしんかん, reishinkan] (n) exciter tube [Add to Longdo]
励振器[れいしんき, reishinki] (n) exciter (driver) [Add to Longdo]

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From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

  Citer \Cit"er\, n.
     One who cites.
     [1913 Webster]

From French-English FreeDict Dictionary ver. 0.3.4 [fd-fra-eng]:

  citer /site/ 
   cite; quote

From Dutch-English Freedict Dictionary ver. 0.1.3 [fd-nld-eng]:

  citer /sitər/

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