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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
コビトスズメダイ[, kobitosuzumedai] (n) midget chromis (Chromis acares) [Add to Longdo]
何人様[なんびとさま, nanbitosama] (exp) how many people [Add to Longdo]
小人症[こびとしょう, kobitoshou] (n) dwarfism [Add to Longdo]
読み人知らず;読人知らず;詠み人知らず;詠人知らず[よみびとしらず, yomibitoshirazu] (n) (1) author unknown; anonymous; (2) unknown waka composer [Add to Longdo]
無防備都市[むぼうびとし, muboubitoshi] (n) open city; defenseless city [Add to Longdo]
無防備都市宣言[むぼうびとしせんげん, muboubitoshisengen] (n) open city declaration [Add to Longdo]
侘と寂[わびとさび, wabitosabi] (exp) taste for the simple and quiet; wabi and sabi [Add to Longdo]

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