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German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Perlenfischerei {f}pearl fishery [Add to Longdo]
Perlenkette {f}pearl; necklace; pearl necklet [Add to Longdo]
Perlentaucher {m}pearl diver [Add to Longdo]
perlenartig {adv}pearly [Add to Longdo]
perlendbeady [Add to Longdo]
Perlenfasan {m} [ornith.]Crested Argus [Add to Longdo]
Perlenralle {f} [ornith.]White-spotted Crake [Add to Longdo]
Perlenfruchttaube {f} [ornith.]Pink-spotted Fruit Dove [Add to Longdo]
Perlenbartvogel {m} [ornith.]Yellow-breasted Barbet [Add to Longdo]
Perlenbrust-Zwergspecht {m} [ornith.]Speckle-chested Piculet [Add to Longdo]
Perlenstachelschwanz {m} [ornith.]Pearled Treerunner [Add to Longdo]
Perlenmantel-Ameisenwürger {m} [ornith.]Spot-backed Antshrike [Add to Longdo]
Perlenwollrücken {m} [ornith.]Pearly Antshrike [Add to Longdo]
Perlenkehl-Ameisenschlüpfer {m} [ornith.]Star-throated Antwren [Add to Longdo]
Perlenmanteltapaculo [ornith.]Ocellated Tapaculo [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
猫に小判[ねこにこばん, nekonikoban] Perlen_vor_die_Saeue [Add to Longdo]

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From German-English FreeDict Dictionary ver. 0.3.3 [fd-deu-eng]:

  Perlen /pɛrlən/ 
   beads; pearls

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