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Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
สามก๊ก[X] (Sām Kok) EN: The Three Kingdoms   
สิทธิและเสรีภาพขั้นพื้นฐาน[n. exp.] (sitthi lae sēriphāp khanpheūnthān) EN: fundamental rights and freedoms   FR: droits et libertés fondamentaux [mpl]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
カナダ人権憲章[カナダじんけんけんしょう, kanada jinkenkenshou] (n) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms [Add to Longdo]
権利と自由のカナダ憲章[けんりとじゆうのカナダけんしょう, kenritojiyuuno kanada kenshou] (n) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms [Add to Longdo]
五胡十六国[ごこじゅうろっこく, gokojuurokkoku] (n) Sixteen Kingdoms (collection of sovereign states in and around China from 304 to 439 CE); Sixteen Kingdoms period [Add to Longdo]
五代十国[ごだいじっこく, godaijikkoku] (n) Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (in Chinese history) [Add to Longdo]
合従[がっしょう, gasshou] (n,vs) (See 秦,連衡,六国) alliance (esp. originally of the Six Kingdoms against the Qin dynasty) [Add to Longdo]
合従連衡[がっしょうれんこう, gasshourenkou] (n) (See 合従,連衡) alliance (of the Six Kingdoms against the Qin dynasty, and of individual Kingdoms with the Qin dynasty); (tactic of) making & breaking alliances (to benefit oneself as the occasion demands); resorting to alliances as a diplomatic expedient [Add to Longdo]
三国[さんごく, sangoku] (n) (1) three countries; (2) Japan, China & India; Japan, Korea & China; all the world; (3) Three Kingdoms (of ancient China [Add to Longdo]
三国志[さんごくし, sangokushi] (n) Annals of the Three Kingdoms [Add to Longdo]
三国時代[さんごくじだい, sangokujidai] (n) (1) Three Kingdoms period (of Chinese history, 220-280 CE); (2) Three Kingdoms period (of Korean history, 4th-7th centuries CE) [Add to Longdo]
縦割行政;縦割り行政[たてわりぎょうせい, tatewarigyousei] (n) vertically segmented administrative system; overcompartmentalized bureaucracy; system in which interministerial rivalry diminishes overall efficiency; (bureaucratic) sectionalism; interministerial rivalry; bureaucratic fiefdoms [Add to Longdo]

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