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German-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
Charakterzug {m}; Zug {m}; Eigenschaft {f}; Merkmal {n} | Charakterzüge {pl}; Züge { (n ) ลักษณะนิสัย คุณสมบัติเฉพาะ

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Charakter {m}; Person {f}; Persönlichkeit {f}character [Add to Longdo]
Charakter {m}; Charakterstärke {f}moral courage [Add to Longdo]
Charakterbild {n} | Charakterbilder {pl}character sketch | character sketches [Add to Longdo]
Charaktereigenschaft {f}; Merkmal {n} | Charaktereigenschaften {pl}; Merkmale {pl} | maßliche Merkmalecharacteristic; character attributes; trait of character | characteristics | dimensional characteristics [Add to Longdo]
Charakterfehler {m} | Charakterfehler {pl}fault in character; character defect | faults in character [Add to Longdo]
Charakterisierung {f}characterization [Add to Longdo]
Charakteristik {f}; Ausprägung {f}characteristic [Add to Longdo]
Charakteristikum {n}; charakteristisches Merkmal; charakteristische Eigenschaft; Eigentümlichkeit {f} | eines der charakteristischsten Merkmalecharacteristic | one of the main characteristics [Add to Longdo]
Charakterisierung {f} | Charakterisierungen {pl}characterization; characterisation [Br.] | characterizations [Add to Longdo]
Charakterlosigkeit {f}lack of character [Add to Longdo]
Charakterschwäche {f} | Charakterschwächen {pl}weakness of character | weaknesses of character [Add to Longdo]
Charakterstärke {f}strength of character [Add to Longdo]
Charakterzug {m}lineament [Add to Longdo]
Charakterzug {m}; Zug {m}; Eigenschaft {f}; Merkmal {n} | Charakterzüge {pl}; Züge {pl}; Eigenschaften {pl}; Merkmale {pl}trait | traits [Add to Longdo]
charakteristisch; typischtypic [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
性格[せいかく, seikaku] Charakter, Persoenlichkeit [Add to Longdo]
性行[せいこう, seikou] Charakter_und_Lebenswandel [Add to Longdo]
特徴[とくちょう, tokuchou] charakteristisches_Merkmal [Add to Longdo]
特有[とくゆう, tokuyuu] charakteristisch [Add to Longdo]

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  Charakter [karaktr] (n) , s.(m )

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